Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18, 2012

As I sat and watched generations of a family come together last night, it made me realize how very special it is to be part of a family.  At an early age, I realized that not every person was able to achieve the beauty of a family.  Lots of people have children but that doesn't mean they have the aptitude or fortitude to raise them up and help them move forward on their journey.

My children will be leaving me in just a couple of years.  I hope that I have instilled in them what it means to be men of God and why it's so important to invest in their children.  Men will always have to provide. But like my dad showed all his children, work was what you did to put food on the table, but time was what you gave when you came home.  I never felt cheated because I had parents that always had time for their children.  I pray that I have sacrificed as much but then none of us are perfect.  My goal has always been that my children would one day be married and that they would lead their wives and their children to Christ and through their lead, my grandchildren would become great men and women of God.

What none of us realize is that every decision we make in life effects the next generation and the generation to come.  My birth father gave me up and never wanted to be part of my life.  That effected me for years but it was my father's love and later coming to Christ that made me realize that the love God gave to me was enough. Some may never know a parent's love but we can all experience Christ's love. He can fill the deepest voids and change the direction of any family.

If you have been adopted, abandoned, or come from a divorced family, God can heal you.  Through His great healing Christ can move from generation to generation.  We are daughters of Christ and He wants us to know how valuable we are to Him.  We are loving and raising the next generations for Him.  I think sometimes we live in the moment too much and don't realize that we aren't just praying for our mates and our children; we are praying for their spouses, their children and their grandchildren.  My hope is that through my flaws and my strengths; my children will see how God healed and changed me.  I wish I could steer them both in the right direction.  Unfortunately, I have them for such a short while, but I can give them the foundation that Jesus Christ is Lord and head over their lives.  When they leave I pray that this will be at the forefront of their minds and their lives.  If I have done nothing but that, I will be very blessed, for Christ is their Father and He will lead the next generations with all His power, glory and majesty!

Take some time today to love the people God gave to you.  We are a family for a reason.  Call your sister, brother, or parents and tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you and your future.  My son's are who they are today because my parents helped me raise them so that I could go to work.  They showed them how to love, but more importantly, the man that adopted me showed them how to be patient, kind, and helpful.  But to this day if you asked them what their grandparents brought to the table, they would tell you a lifetime of love.  We need to be that for our future generations. So if you are waiting for your spouse, pray that God would bring Him to You.  Pray that He would be a grounded man, not only in the Bible, but in the love of Christ.  If you are married, pray for your children, that their spouses would be great women and men of God and that they would unite to make God the center of their lives and their children's lives.

Satan's goal is to rock this union. If he can destroy a marriage, he will destroy generations.  Pray over the most important institution we have.  God brought man and woman together for a reason.  If Satan destroys that, he will destroy the family.  Always remember that in all things, God can heal and save us from the destroyer.  Christ knows the difficulties of this world but so do we.  So let's never quit praying for ourselves or our future generations.  We are not here for our own gratification; we are here for Christ! Be proud of the institution of marriage.  We are His chosen people and we will be raising His next generation.  Out of Adam's line came Jesus and through Abraham and Sara; we all have life.  Remember that God has watched over us for generations and that we are His people.  Never stop praying, we are called to remember Christ in everything!

Psalm 119: 90 NKJV:

    Your faithfulness endures to all generations; You established the earth and it abides.  They continue this day according to Your ordinances, For all are Your servants.

Isaiah 41: 4  NKJV:

    Who has performed and done it, Calling the generations from the beginning? 'I the LORD am the first; And with the last I am He.'

God came first, then man, and through Adam's line, came Christ.  And someday, Christ will rise again and all generations, everywhere, will know His name.  We are part of His army.  We were chosen to bring Him glory and so therefore my dear sisters, let's unite and pray for today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

My prayer today:

OH LORD, HOW GREAT YOU ARE!  We are women in the midst of a world full of spiritual battles.  The battle over the family is so great that no one knows what truly is right anymore.  We want to be women of You that pray for ourselves as well as for the next generations.  Lead us Lord on how to pray for our husbands and children.  Give us courage to correct and direct.  Help us to teach our children what it means to put You first so that when Satan does attack we are able to fight through prayer.  Protect our families and give them a huge dose of the Holy Spirit.  Lead the future generations to You so that we may bring the lost to You.  We worship You Lord and thank you for being within us, loving us, and helping us raise the next generations.  I pray that from today forward that the women that read this blog will pray for all women everywhere.  That we would be praying for our nations, our husbands and our children.  Fill us with the Holy Spirit so that we know when You need us on our knees.  We desire to be in one union with You.  You are the maker of the family and I pray that we will all bow down to You to help women everywhere know Your love.  Protect us Oh Lord and keep us strong in a world where marriages are falling apart.  We know that You are here and we thank You for Your mighty power. Keep us today and help us walk strongly in Your light.  We love You and thank you for keeping Your promise so many generations ago!  AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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