Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013

Good morning all-

I sit and write with a heavy heart today.  Yesterday, a massive tornado wiped out a town and killed, destroyed and wiped away possessions and lives.  It's like a horror film and it reminds me of the tsunami's we have seen in the past.  Nothing left.  Cars are all over but people have disappeared and all I could think about was the coming of Jesus and the lives that would never be the same.

I live in the heartland or tornado alley as some call it.  I have never gotten used to the mighty twisters and probably never will.  The day before the massive destruction they were calling it for Wichita Ks.  Catastrophic was coming across but that storm never really touched down.  It stayed in the atmosphere and for the most part we saw large hail and damaging winds.  Yesterday, all we see is a pile of rubble.  At least in Kansas, most homes have basements but even at that the flooding killed 7 children.

Today, men and women will mourn the loss of their loved ones.  They will scream, cry and cry again but nothing will bring back those they love.  There will be others in the hospital fighting for life and there will be others homeless, lost, and bruised by mother nature.  I know two things:  Jesus is near and God will have glory through this horrible tragedy.  That's not to say that the ones that survived this devastation will not have wounds, fears and sorrow.  As we all know they will.  But in the midst, let's take it upon ourselves to pray for the victims and to love the people of Moore, Oklahoma.  And for those that survived, let's pray God's infinite mercy on them and strength for the coming days.  Possessions can be bought but souls have to be won.

If you are carrying a burden for these people, please pray.  If you have extra money, please send it to the American Red Cross and if you have time, please pray about how God would use that time.  We must ban together for the good of the people, for in the end it will be Jesus who loves, Jesus who restores and Jesus who heals the brokenhearted.  No man will be able to quiet the sorrows that yesterday brought but Jesus can.

Our Lord is with us and is using us for the good of His kingdom.  Please unite with  me today to spread the prayers of His saints upon those that lost everything yesterday.  Not one person said they couldn't rebuild but many mourned the loss of life and the loss of animals.  Houses are built with brick and lumber, they are not built with a soul that hears Jesus.

Unlike many of my other posts, I will not be placing Scripture in this today.  Please find a Scripture and pray it for those that have suffered greatly in Oklahoma.  I have picked Psalm 40 and will be praying it all day.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, our God how mighty You are!  Yesterday saw destruction beyond what the eye can comprehend.  Rescue workers were digging through rubble to find small children gone to this world.  Men and women will be picking through debris for weeks trying to find the lost.  They will be going from driveway to driveway today to find the lost.  We are not made up of our possessions; we are made to be a body of believers that take charge and that love their neighbors.  You called us to that before we were born and it's our duty to fulfill. Please put the people of Oklahoma on the hearts of nations.  Please have Your warriors praying for the mothers, daughters, husbands, and children that mourn today.  They will be undergoing many feelings but the greatest will be loss.  Fill their hearts with Your joy and help them be strong in the hour of need.  Place needs on our hearts so that we pray and give.  Help all of us to be one with those that are lost right now and if we have nothing to give but prayers, please call us to intercessory prayer.  I know that my heart aches for the people of Moore and that I will be praying.  Please keep us right with You so that our prayers are heard among the world but especially in Moore.  We love You Jesus.  Please make this work for good and not evil!  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

(I don't have time to check today so please excuse errors)

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