Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 21,2013

Good morning my faithful sisters:

It has been a week since I last wrote and I have missed it so much. I traveled to California this week and got to participate in saving a vital account. What I realized as I did data entry for 3 days is that I don't like the job much but I appreciate those that do.  I also realized that titles are nothing. Supporting your company, taking responsibility and partnering with people is what truly matters.

Many think that menial jobs are beneath them but once I read a book "God is my CEO." In that book it talked about management and how to lead like Jesus and that's exactly the leader I desire to be.  Whether it's cleaning our offices or data entering returns, I want to participate because when our employees and other leaders see us do that we build credibility.

John came before Jesus to spread the word.  He told of someone greater than himself that would grace the earth. He was an ordinary man doing ordinary things until the day he was called to describe the savior.  Jesus also was ordinary. He was a carpenter that worked with His hands.  He wasn't a prince or King.  He wasn't wealthy or full of pride. He was an ordinary man who was destined to be the Son of God.  I think about that a lot and I remind myself often that I must be humble and never fill my head with pride. Pride is the downfall of man.  It was pride that kept the Pharisees from seeing the truth.  It was humbleness that took ordinary people and made them children of God.

Eternity comes to man, not by who you are or what you do; it's by grace we are saved. There are religions that believe in heavenly levels .  There are those out there that believe the harder you can work at being good the more you will receive. The truth is none of those things. You can't work your way to Heaven. Only through the Son of God can you enter eternity. One God, One level, One Savior!

John knew this and he was chosen to prepare the way. I'm sure many thought he was crazy.  We know now that he wasn't. His destiny was set long before the hour of his birth. He would be the man to speak of one greater. He would be the one to baptize the Son of God.

If God chose John for such a task, what's He choosing you to do today? The least of these was the most important human being to ever walk the earth. He was homeless, a gypsy of sorts and yet through His life, we are saved!  Carry that with you today and know that no matter where you live or what you do, you were chosen for this moment. May God be with you my sisters. I'm praying that He
takes the least of us and uses us to spread the good news.

John 1:12 NIV:

     Yet to all who did receive Him, to those that believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God-

My prayer today:

O, Lord guide the lost to a safe place of rest. Help them to see You. Give them the ability to humble themselves before Your throne so that they might know what we do. Give purpose to your people. Make us bold and humble. Take our pride and wash it with Your blood. We are at our best when we know that we can't do anything on our own. Today, I just want to thank You for lovin the least of us. We owe You our lives. May today be filled with You and the power of Your life on the lives of many. Thank You for the stories that remind us that by Your faithfulness we are saved. Grant us Your Holy presence today and take Your light all over the world!  In Jesus Name we pray.

Until tomorrow...

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