Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013

Good morning all-

Today is the day that the Lord hath made!  I am blessed, are you?  I often look at my life and although not everything has been rainbows; I know God is good.  He has walked with me and talked with me and every once in awhile He gives me a miracle to hold onto.  People define miracles in different ways.  My miracles this week came through my children, my staff and the snowfall that blanketed the earth last night.

People are truly how you see God.  The smile that lights up a room, the closeness of family and friends and the hugs of little children, these are all miracles.  As I finished up my year at work, I was searching the web and saw a letter to Santa that was written in 1914.  This little person wanted a paint set, a reader and a bag of books.  Today, it's Batman, Barbies, and electronics but back then, life was so simple.

It got me thinking of what brought smiles to my face as a child .  Most of the time, it was a piece of candy, a hug or a big cookie my mom had baked.  I waited patiently for my birthday every year only to have my brother's get to open their presents the next day.  I still can remember the anticipation of Christmas and the beauty that it held.  People often ask me, "Your birthday is so close to Christmas did you ever feel cheated?"  I never did because I never really wanted anything big.  Like that little one that wished for essentials all I ever wish for is snow.  So as I was preparing for two families to come together in a Christmas celebration everyone asked me what I wanted and again I said, "Snow!"  So my miracle this season is that Christ heard me and coated the earth with the most beautiful snow I have ever seen.  It's like a blanket on the earth, coating it with white and making everything sparkle.  I'm anticipating the sun to come out so I can  watch as the different flakes sparkle.  It is a miracle.  Rarely, in all my years, have I gotten my wish but this year God saw fit to give it to me.  It really is a standing joke at my house but my husband and kids know so when the flakes started coming around 4 pm yesterday, my husband walked in and said, "I guess you got your miracle, it's snowing."

Can you imagine a world that just wished for snow on Christmas and the love of family?  Take away all the materialistic pleasures and concentrate on Jesus.  I can.  To this day, many don't believe in Christ and many don't believe that old dogs can change.  I do.  Why?  Because a simple prayer of snow was granted.  So if He does that, don't you think He hears our cries.  I do.  And although horrible things are happening in this world there still is a God that cares.  He is changing things behind the scenes, renewing hearts and granting miracles.  Just like in Paul's time, healings are happening, children are being born, and the worst of sinners are proclaiming Him!  When I am at my lowest, I always remember the miracles that have happened to change me.

Sometimes I think we forget about the miracles of God.  We forget about the technology that has come and spread the gospel.  We don't see that God is helping people, watching over them or that He does hear our cries.  We forget to focus on Him and only focus on our problems and when we do that the miracle of who He was and is gets lost.  I never want to forget the promise He gave to Abraham or the wisdom He placed on Solomon.  I don't want to be the Israelite in the desert that couldn't believe in the miracle of Him and I don't want to be Timothy that doubted.  So today, I once again proclaim in a God that does miracles.  A man who came to earth  who was the Son of God.  He is our God.  I'm not the only one that gets to know Him, we all do.  His birth is the greatest miracle of all time.  So as we come to the day we celebrate Christmas my prayer is that we will sing a new song and proclaim Him throughout the earth.  His birth was real, He is real and someday we will see Him.

As I continue my day today, I will be watching for Him to do miracles.  He loves us and He wants us to know He is hear.  He will not always answer our prayers the way we want Him too but He does answer one, "He loves us even though we are not worthy!"  I am off to start my morning but it had been so long since I was able to write.  Please pray for me that I would have time to sit and write to you.  This blog is just another miracle in my life, when I was down it gave me courage to get back up.  Celebrate Jesus this season and witness the greatest miracle of all time.

Isaiah 9:6 NIV

     For to us a child is born, to us a Son is given, and the government will be on His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

My prayer today:

O, Lord the world is waiting for a miracle.  This Christmas as we celebrate with family and friends please help us remember the reason for the season.  Take hold of us and guide us and help all of us remember your promises.  Your birth was proclaimed in the Old Testament and fulfilled .  Throughout the many years after Your birth, the world has changed, its become complicated and full of danger.  But today, as I look upon the snow, I realize that the only thing that matters was and is the miracle of You.  By Your hand we have been saved and all creatures great and small are Yours!  Help us find You through our pain, our hearts and our minds.  Many have lost a loved one this year and I hope and pray that the love of Christ will cover them in their time of need.  We should come together and pray for Your people and ask once again for You to do great miracles.  If someone were to ask me what has been my biggest blessing of all time, I would have to say the day I met You face to face.  Thank You for saving a wretch like me and for loving me through my rebellion.  Thank You for taking a scared little girl and making her a courageous woman.  Thank You for blessing me with the gift of loving others and Thank You for giving me parents that sacrificed and loved their children.  Most importantly, Thank You for the beautiful snow that reminded me of all You are.  The ground is covered in white and its new.  May I become a new creature as I strive to follow the One True God!  Rain down on us Jesus, fill our minds and hearts with You and help us to put You back in Christmas!  One last thing, please help the Syrians Lord know You.  Many are fighting for their lives and I know You are with them.  Bring women togerher to pray for the lost, the broken and the poor.  Forever, I will be in Your debt for loving me.  In Jesus Name, AMEN
Until tomorrow...

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