Sunday, May 18, 2014

God loves the widow

Good morning all-

I woke up with prayers on my lips and a song in my heart.  Days like this make me feel blessed.  However, there have been mornings in the last week that I woke up anxious, tired and worried.  On those days it's just hard to find God, especially if I don't get into the word of God.  You know what I'm talking about.  You run until you fall.  Well that was me last week and for some of you, it was you too.

In the last months, I have really been trying to get with God every morning.  It sets the tone for the day and it helps when the challenges of life come rushing in.  It has also helped me hear God's calling for the women of the world.  I have never felt a passion for reading about other countries like I have the last couple of years.  I never wanted to go on missions or leave the comfort of the US.  But now I find myself reading about Syria, Nigeria and the Ukraine and my heart aches for the tragedy that is happening all over the world.

Women are vital to the future of our generations.  We are the nurturers and the guiders of the youth and when we are being crushed, families will be crushed.  Recently, I read an article about the Syrians going back home and it broke my heart.  Women are homeless and without their spouses.  Men fight and women suffer.  So today, there are more and more widows and fatherless children.  They are the leftovers of hate, war and freedom.  What does God say about the widows?  He will take care of them.  If you feel led, please pray for the widows and orphans.  They are God's people and prayer does make a difference.

I have to go for now but remember we are a body that needs to pray for the lost, the lonely and the fatherless.

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