Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 5 of crying out to the Lord

Good morning-

I know I just posted but then I went to my 777 email from  Anne is calling us to cry out to Jesus with one voice for 7 days, ending in a fast for the nations.  Please consider reading and praying these prayers.  There are churches that are being persecuted in China, people being destroyed in Israel and Iraq.  Terrorists are ruling countries with fear and weapons.  It's time for us to remember our roots, to look toward Jesus and to pray that the hearts and minds of people would confess Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

There are times when we are called that we do not hear.  These prayers take less than 5 minutes but could have an impact on your nation.  Please take the time to share this website and to pray the prayers that God has placed on her heart.  The groom has been calling but few hear.  We don't know the time and hour but we know one thing, when we stand together God does powerful things.  Please stand with Angel Ministries and pray for the nation and for the people in it that don't know Him.  It will begin with the church, don't you want to be ready.

Her post can be seen on her page or on twitter.  It has been re-tweeted.  Please share in her call and become one of the women that prays for revival and repentence!


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