Saturday, December 27, 2014

Women of the world...pray!

Good morning all-

Women of the world please pray!  My heart is full of prayer lately and I need women to stand with me.  I am not able to see you but I know You are committed to Jesus and that You feel like I feel.  You want to spread the word but for whatever reason you are confined to your city, country or home. I understand that but the great thing about prayer is that you can do it from your home, your car, your cell, anywhere.  No man can keep prayer from our minds and hearts.  We can be beaten, bruised, crushed and still if we have hope in our Savior, no one can keep us down.

We are women that need a Savior.  We need to call upon Him day and night and we must believe that He will one day come back and bring us home.  I waiver and I get sad.  I wonder sometimes why we have bad times and I wish for great things for people.  I have got caught up in material things and have forgotten what God provides and then, my heart turns and I think of a homeless person, a young child fighting cancer, a person in prison or a woman being used as a human bomb.  This is what makes my heart full.  It's not about myself or what I'm going through; it's about the cross and the people that our Lord loves.

Can fish be multiplied?  Can the earth be refilled with water and can people be saved in an evil world?  The answer to all of this is, yes.  Christ came to fulfill the prophesies of old.  We must pray for our countries to be protected and that Christ will bring peace on the earth.  His return is immenent.  Will we be the ones?  There is no way for us to know but we are to watch, pray and be readied for the day He will return.  Just as the curtains tore and the ground shook at His death, the Pharisees missed the message from the God that had delivered them.  We must not forget the reason for His death or the reason we needed a Savior from the beginning.  We don't want to be walking on the earth and miss the message.  We don't want to be sceptical and say, "He never existed."  We don't want to question the cross, we want to promote it and the message that was meant to change the world.  There is only one God, one Savior and one Deliverer.  He is Jesus, three in one.  Others may hate us for our beliefs but we must be confident in the cross.  It shouldn't matter if you are Catholic, Baptist or non-denominational.  It should only matter that we share one goal, one voice and one God. He is the One that will deliver us from this earth!  Be confident my sisters and love our God with all your heart.  Believe in miracles and angels.  Believe that water turned to wine and that fish and bread were multiplied.  Believe He appeared to Mary Magdalene and that He was born to a virgin.  Believe that He came to proclaim the grace of our Lord and believe in streets of gold, where there is no pain, no disease and only the choir of angels.  Believe!

We were meant for this moment.  We were born to spread the word and we are one with Him.  He is listening to our cries. Give glory to Him today!

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