Saturday, August 15, 2015


Good morning all-

Well I have just completed the outline for the book I will publish.  God gave me a word and I'm moving with it.  Now that I have my chapters together, it will be a matter of time and effort and with all luck, grace and God's divine provision, the book will be published this year. That's my goal but time is ticking.

Whether it's a number or time, we can procrastinate, wander and never get to our goal or we can scrap all that and be on God's hour, God's time and God's number.  We don't know the number of days left on the earth, how many of those we have or when He will decide to take His bride. He's waited along time.  As humans, we can use all kinds of excuses around time, when in reality, we waste time doing fruitless things that just don't matter.  I know I have for the last couple of months but the tide is changing in my life and for that, I am so grateful.  God is good and He is forgiving, compassionate and thank goodness, patient.  I have needed every ounce of His patience the last couple of months and like the merciful God He is, He gave it to me.

As you all know, I'm far from perfect.  Like you, I struggle with day to day concerns.  I work too much and am often so tired I can't find the energy to even go for a walk.  God knows that, so as I come to Him, He provides the rest and sets me back on a path toward Him.

Just like this morning, work wants to pull me away from my purpose.  And it might of but I made sure that I did my work first and then fulfilled my promise to God.  I wrote down all the things He has shown me the last week and then I got on the blog and my fingers typed this message.  I've been at it since 7 am but I can honestly say, I feel more energized, more purposeful than I have felt in months.  My strength does not come from me and time just doesn't matter.  My time, my strength, my mission comes from a God that is out to win souls and every day, He is.

My prayer for you today is that you don't look at the clock or see the days blowing by.  My prayer is that you will be in today, do what your called to do and let Jesus worry about the time, the days and the hours.  I am and as I write I'm smiling.  Why?  Because I'm under authority and He knows what's best for me and right now, what's best is to let you know how much He loves YOU!

Be well my sisters and get into the Word.  A number means nothing to heaven.

I rarely go to the AMP version but this fit. So here you go! rocks!

  • John 7:6 (AMP)

    Whereupon Jesus said to them, My time (opportunity) has not come yet; but any time is suitable for you and your opportunity is ready any time [is always here].

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