Sunday, October 4, 2015

Watching the beauty of a wedding...

Good morning all-

Last night I had the honor of watching one of my co-workers marry a very special man.  They both have been through a lot.  There past is what made them who they are and because of that past they have learned to love.  If you love to be in love, you will be I promise.

Love is talked about in the Bible many times and is the greatest commandment.  We think of love as romantic love but its so much more than that.  This couple shares an agape love.  It consists of being kind and patient, of loving when things aren't easy and it is surrounded by God.

During the ceremony, I thought of the path of tears that happened before the road to happiness.  I thought of the loss and the times of fear and I thought how great our God truly is.  My co-worker has been given a gift far beyond what people treasure today.  She has been given a gift from God and I know she knows it.

Getting married is a very important decision.  You must be able to trust and to be vulnerable.  You must be whole and one hundred percent committed.  This man didn't just marry a woman, he married a family and from the very beginning took it on as if each of the children was his own.  It gave me hope for every woman that has experienced a difficult road and it was beautiful.

I wish everyone could have that kind of love and commitment.  It's my prayer that what I saw yesterday would be spread across this earth.  As women, our prayer should be that we love with all our hearts and that the men we marry would trust God in all things. 

My last thought as they completed their vows was, "Love never ends."  It was the last thought I had as I put my parents wedding rings into our lock box.  My father was such a man.  He took on the challenge of a daughter and loved my mom to the very end.  He was my mom's greatest gift and their love has always given me hope.  God loves us in a way no human can love but we are still called to love with all our heart.  I hope for a day that I love like that.

May God bless your marriage today as you read about this very incredible union.  God loves you and He looks out for you and if you aren't married or don't have this kind of marriage, you have a God that loves you far beyond this earth.  He loved you before you were born.

Blessings to the beautiful couple I watched bind their lives together yesterday and blessings to everyone that loves with all their hearts.


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