Sunday, December 20, 2015

Be still and know that I am God

Good morning-

The end of this year is creeping up on us and all I can think about is the lesson God has etched on my heart.  All year, I have heard "Be still and know that I am God."  It's something that people that are driven have a hard time doing.  I have no problem believing in God but I have a huge problem in being still.  Still to me means sleeping and even there my dreams are vivid, busy and often very confusing.  I've gotten very used to being busy, running when I should walk and only collapsing when my head hits the pillow.  So I've asked my self over and over, why does Jesus constantly remind me to be still?

Being still means you can hear.  I'm used to doing five things at the same time but it's been in the quiet, between me and the keyboard with no noise, no people and just the wind whipping against the window pane that I have heard God.  Not audibly of course but deep in my spirit.  My cousin sent me a family tree necklace today and I was in awe of it's beauty.  God promised Abraham He would be the Father of nations.  Do you believe that Abraham and his faithfulness brought you to this day?  I hope you do because it's that promise that continues until Christ comes back for us. Obviously, Abraham must have spent time with God, scripture says he did.  During those times is when this immense blessing was proclaimed.  It wasn't when he was toiling on the earth, it came when he sat still and let God reveal His vision to him.  That's the key I think most of us miss in this technological highway.  How do we remain still when emails are popping on our computers and phones as fast as we can read them?  We are surrounded by television, radio, Internet and cell phones. When do we have time to be still and know that God is who He said He was?

So this morning as I rounded the corner to get my first cup of coffee, I decided to sit down and write what's most on my heart as Christmas approaches.  It's not how fast the year has gone or that my birthday is around the corner, it's about the gift of clarification, peace and understanding Jesus has given me this year.  He has directed my path, increased my faith and rewarded me as I sat still waiting on Him for so many things.  I am the luckiest girl in the world because I've come out of a trial more faithful, full of immense hope and looking forward to the adventure before me.  I have less fear, more hope and a tremendous thankfulness in my heart that although life isn't easy, God will always be near and when I'm still I can hear from Him.

This Christmas is not about the presents for me, that being said my husband bought me a really cool refrigerator but that's not the best gift I've been given this year.  The best gift I've been given this year is the realization that I've moved from my head to my spirit.  I've realized that all provision comes from my Savior.  He has bended me just like a tree that has ice on it.  It doesn't break, it just moves toward the earth and as the ice melts the tree pops up stronger, higher and reaching for the hope of the sun.  There is hope on this earth even in the midst of all the evil.  In order for us to keep this hope alive we must pray for our sisters in the US and abroad.  We must not fall to the fear of foreigners and welcome the love of Christ.  Evil is everywhere.  We shouldn't fool ourselves to believe we can protect ourselves.  Only through Christ can there be protection.  Ladies it's time we heard from our God.  It's time we got on our knees and proclaimed the name of Jesus Christ and it's time we let Him walk beside us, go in front of us and remain strong in Him.  I for one have benefited from the moments I've spent with Him.  I have prayed more, read more and sought Him more in this year than in any other year in my life.  Why you might ask?  I found it in Scripture this week. I had to be sifted in order to bring women to Him.  I have been sifted and through it all I have found the only sustainable thing on earth, faith and hope in Jesus Christ.

As you reflect on this year, look up and thank Jesus for every joy and every disappointment.  Ask Him to really show you the good in the year.  And if you've experienced, war, a wayward child, death or despair, know Jesus walks with you and when your still all things are possible through our Lord and Savior!

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10 KJV

Join me in a Christmas prayer:

O, Lord Jesus as we come to celebrate Your birth we ask that You would unite nations, change hearts and surround evil with Your power. We believe in the promise You provided to Abraham.  He became the father of nations. Your people are all over the world, generations were proclaimed so long ago and now they are spread thousands of miles apart.  We need You to open eyes, bring hope to the hopeless and more importantly, guide your warriors to our knees.  Let this Christmas be more than lights and children's squeals as they open presents. Let this Christmas be about kindness toward one another and a cry for "Peace on Earth!"  But most importantly, let this Christmas season be about being still and providing a vision for your people to look for their Savior.  We thank You for Your awesome power and Your holy word that one day You would come and rescue Your bride!  Power and Glory to You our risen Savior who was and is to come....AMEN

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