Friday, March 18, 2016

Stepping out on faith and remaining in today!

Good morning my sisters-

I hope your all doing well this morning.  As you can tell by the title of this blog, I'm stepping out on faith.  I can't say I've ever jumped out of a boat or thrown my net down into the vast waters to catch fish or even scaled a tall mountain but in this moment and on this day, I have stepped out mightily.

I have always believed that Jesus was my Savior. I have prayed the Lord's prayer thousands of times.  I have asked for forgiveness more times than I can count and I have looked in the mirror a thousand times in the last months.  I have fought emotions I never thought I had and have had to rely on Jesus every step of the way.

You hear about faith walks from those that have gone before you.  You realize that holocaust victims did make a life after tragedy and of course the Israelites did get to the promise land even if all of them didn't step into it, so there is life after immense tragedy.  Losing something that means so much to you and believing that something better will come is the cornerstone of the Bible.  Many people lost significant things like their families, their jobs and their lives.  They gave it all for something more powerful than possessions, esteem or worldly pleasures.  They gave it all for Jesus.

I have always wondered how people leave all the worldly things for ministry.  I have watched countless college students and young adults leave the security of the US to go to countries that lack resources, aren't full of churches and don't have tons of avenues to meet Christians.  They are so sure of themselves.  They have prayed and so they leave with the hope and promise of spreading God's word to the nations. 

So here I sit, writing this blog, wondering where God will take this woman who has wanted to give her life to teach women faith all over the world.  Years ago, I was sitting on a couch mourning my mother when I opened up a computer and started this blog.  Faithfulness for women was created out of my sadness and has become an intricate part of who I am.  I have prayed many times over the years that God would help me lead women to Him and that I would become His woman.  Little did I know that I would have to journey through rough waters, drown in deep caverns and spend countless hours crying out to Him to achieve the goal he had set before me. 

He wanted me to trust with no worry of the future.  He wanted me to believe that he held the keys to my provision and He wanted me to see that like David, He goes before me and that when He does the chains are broken, the curtain is torn and the world I believed was my saving grace was just dust under His feet.  These are the lessons I have learned in the last 15 months and I hopefully will never forget them.  I'm His warrior and through my battles I have relinquished my dreams, my hopes, my successes, my failures, my need to be needed and mostly, my control.  Control in the world is false.  You have none.  All you have is a perception that you are in control and that you know what the future holds.  None of us knows what tomorrow will bring and yet we cling to what we know.  Jesus has taught me to cling to the Supernatural and allow Him to move mountains.

I'm a better person then I was in 2015, I'm stronger, more resilient and more at peace.  How did I get there?  I got to this place through prayer, petition, and walking in the Word that was left for all of us.  Faith is not just a word, its a practice.  We can't have faith if we don't get down and dirty with Christ.  And having faith does not come without a price.  In order to have faith, you must wash away your worldly view and take on a Christ centered, Holy Ghost view.  Your mind can't conceive the power of Christ until you surrender all.  This week I surrendered all and am waiting with anticipation to see what the God of Abraham will do.  I'm near my promise land and so I must be faithful, watch for Jesus and believe that He will deliver me into it with His timing.

I'm praying for you all my sisters.  Be well and be vigilant.  Jesus is calling us to be His faithful servants and that means surrendering all. 

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