Monday, June 6, 2016

What it means to serve...

Good morning all-

I had an experience yesterday that melted my heart and made me once again realize why it is so important to lift our men in prayer.  Yesterday, my husband and I went to buy a small trailer that could haul things to the dump and basically act as a truck for us.  We had a hitch, so we thought it would be as simple as buying the trailer at Lowes and going home.

Well, simple wasn't exactly what I would call it.  It was more like a simple project gone bad.  After we bought the trailer, the manager asked us if we had a 1 7/8" trailer hitch.  If we had, this episode would have gone down much differently, however ours was 2".  So my husband went back into Lowes to buy the right one.  While I was standing out guarding our new trailer, I watched a man come up to an older man and ask him if he needed help.  The gentleman accepted and my heart soared at the kindness I saw in the parking lot.  Well, that wasn't the only act of kindness.  Another man saw me standing out there and asked if I needed help.  When I told him my husband went in to buy something else, he said okay and walked away.  Shortly after, my husband came back out with the tool we thought we would need but the ball of the hitch would not move.  It had been on there forever, we had never used it and our vehicle is a 2007.  So, he went back in.

Meanwhile, there was another man who wouldn't take that answer.  He brought over a socket that fit that specific bolt and the next thing I knew he was working away.  My husband came back out and together they couldn't remove the nut.  We thanked the man and asked if he would like some money for all of his time.  He said no.  It made my heart happy that I live in an area where men do care and that they want to help women in distress.  They were servants for Jesus even if they weren't Christians.  I will never know the names of these men but I'm inspired.  I'm inspired whenever I see men serve others.  I'm inspired when our prayers count!

So I leave you with  my little story and a question, "When was the last time you lifted men up in prayer?"  Today, is the day!  Please take a moment to lift them in prayer and to ask God to cover them and provide wisdom to lead the next generations.

Wishing you a beautiful day!  In Christ Jesus, we all say AMEN!

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