Sunday, August 28, 2016

To Him be the glory!

Good morning my sisters-

I've been a way awhile from this keyboard.  I've taken time to reflect and to pray for my family and others in great need.  I took the time to read and ask forgiveness and I've taken time to reflect on the past and the present.

I don't have any great or monumental things to share today about life or why we must go through difficult times.  I don't have words to express the loss of those that have seen floods, earthquakes or war.  I don't have advice for those whose children are choosing different paths or whose marriages are on a downward spiral.  At least I don't have words the world would understand.

I do, however, know the one that does.  He's silent but ever present.  He's hated throughout the world.  His name makes many angry and if they could crush His name they would.  Wars have been raged over Him, His Father and the Holy Spirit.  Religious men have turned their backs on Him because they were frightened, confused and full of themselves.  And today, many of us sit in our comfortable homes, go to our churches on Sunday and never say one word outside those sanctuaries because we live with fear of being ridiculed, made fun of or ostracized for what we believe.

A friend asked me yesterday what was going to make people believe and I responded, "When we start sharing and living our faith."  It's a fact.

I am grateful that God gave me a talent and that I can use it for His glory.  I am grateful that I've taken time to reflect, to ask forgiveness and to find Him in every moment of my life.  Life is uncertain and full of adventures, peaks, valleys and the unknown.  For today, I will prepare to worship my King, to love Him with my whole heart and to proclaim Him to the nations.  I will be glad in this day because today is all I can be assured and it is today I offer the only advice that really matters.  Jesus is the Lord and the one true Son of God.  There is a holy trinity and all you have to do is call on the name of Jesus and you will be welcomed into the family.  It's this family that provides a hope and a future.  You can chase for peace and you can read about how to make your life full of joy.  You can be a good person but if you don't cry out to Jesus, you will never see eternal life.  You may not even think that far but think about this, "What if Jesus is the Son of God and you never chose to ask Him to live inside of you?" 

May the Lord bring you to this page. May He alone come into your life.  He is worth it, I promise.  He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  John 3:16 is the truth and if you merely ask you will find peace, joy and love!  Praying that you read John so that you can find what I have, a God that loves me even in my humanness.

Please read John 3:16 NIV and find what you've been looking for.

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