Friday, August 18, 2017

All the colors of the rainbow, choose to be the solution and pray with me!

Good morning my sisters-

I wanted to take a few minutes and challenge all of us to spend some time in prayer this weekend. Our country and other countries are wrapped in a time of evil and hate. In order for us to break this cycle we must get down on our knees and pray for our leaders, our children, our husbands and wives. It's time that all races come together and stand up for one thing and that's Jesus.

I am white, so I'm going to say that right off before someone says your not discriminated against and you would be right. However,  I'm married to a man that is part Cherokee.  Our kids are different skin colors, one darker than the other.  People looked at me funny when our second son was born and he was totally blonde and very white.  I realized right then colors should never be important.  They were just God's way of differentiating people. Man has made color a thing of hate.  Man has chosen to pick sides and to hate.  Man has forgotten that the God of the Universe loves every single person, no matter the skin color.  It's time we women stand up.  Take this weekend and every time you think of this pray for the one! 

So if a shepherd has 100 in their flock and 99 are following and one gets lost, the shepherd will go after the one (1)! He doesn't care about what he looks like, what sex it is or anything about that little sheep except it belongs back in the fold.  Let's pray for the 99/1.

Please do not get caught up in the politics.  Get caught up in the rainbow.  God created diversity in the rainbow that He put together, that He loves and that He seeks.  Our voices will be heard in Heaven as we repent, forgive and ask God to heal the nations. I believe that our voices will be like a choir unto the Lord. I want every nationality to be represented in this prayer. Our world is cruel, there is no doubt, but we are here to spearhead hope, the hope that was given to us when God created the rainbow.  He is a God of forgiveness, hope, love and with all His powers He lets us choose. 

Choose to stand with me this weekend as I pray for the 99/1!

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