Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Bible says...

Good morning my warrior sisters-

We lost a great man of God recently.  Billy Graham walked on this earth for almost 100 years. He visited with the Queen of England and served many presidents. They sought him, not because of who he was, but of what he represented. He had a great calling and that was to spread the word throughout the lands and he did just that.

Fox released a short documentary on his life last month and I carefully took in traits that made this man persevere.  Here are just a few:

He was humble.
He surrendered all.
He said I will follow where you lead not knowing what that meant.
He trusted in His God to make His path right.
He spoke not his words but the Bible's words.
He was who you saw.
He hated seeing his own name in lights when it took so many people to make a meeting happen.
He wanted to be unseen so Christ could be seen.
He stood for the African American people in the middle of death threats to his family.
He had wise counsel around him at all times.
He loved his wife and cherished her until her death.
He struggled with God and the Word and accepted the word of God just as he had accepted Jesus, by faith.

Billy Graham was just a man called by His God to spread the word and to encourage people that there was hope in a dark time. He wasn't about himself, how good he looked on camera, or how important he was to be sought after by the Queen of England or all those presidents. He was about leading them into the light and giving them the Word, so that when he wasn't near, they had something to cling to.

Today we are searching for happiness. I see it everywhere. There are even counselors now that can help you find your happiness.  What happens when the truth is revealed? At some point, disappointment is going to come along and then those same people striving for happiness will get lost in the darkness. Why did David cling to the Word of the Lord so hard? Because he knew that life had peaks and valleys. He sat in caves, fought battles and still, he knew his hope and future were with and for the Lord.

I admire King David and Billy Graham for believing that they could make a change. I am in awe of the strength they both had to be with God and to do His bidding. They were both men and that makes them real. They both were challenged in this life but overcame much of the hate with love. They believed that the commands, precepts, promises and words of God were real and had major impact on those they led.

Both men were great shepherds leading many sheep to God. In Psalm 119, you can read over and over David seeking and loving God's words. Billy Graham believed that the hope of all the lost was in the Bible.  If you watch that documentary, you will hear him say over and over, "The Bible says.." Why? Because the holy word of God cannot be refuted. Man can stumble with words but the Holy Living Word of God won't stumble, has never fallen and lives so that we may find peace, prosperity, and eternal life.

I normally like to copy scripture here for you but today I'm directing you to the living word. Open your phones to the Bible app or get your Bible out and read Psalm 119.  Look for words, like commands, precepts, and words and meditate on what David was saying.  David and Billy loved God with their whole hearts. They wrestled just like us but ultimately, through his words and commands they found the one true God. That's my hope today. As you wrestle with being unseen, unworthy, and lost, you will find the one true God.

I have been there and continue to be there but my hope is in the living word for the Bible says that I am loved and I was chosen for such a day. It states that when I came to Christ I am a new creature. I've been washed white as snow by the blood of Jesus and I stand on the fact that if you confess that Jesus is Lord you too will be beside me eternally. For the Bible says,"Jesus answered, "Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to the spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying,
'You must be born again.' " (John 3: 5-7 NIV)

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