Friday, June 15, 2018

Provision and Freedom...

Good morning my sister warriors-

This week has been an adventure. I'm in the beautiful state of Virginia at the Shell Super Rigs event and like all my adventures I've met wonderful people.  God reminded me this week that we often forget those that sacrifice for our well being.

Travel is never easy.  You have to  leave your family and there are always delays. This week really wasn't different except for my joyful attitude. Years ago the trials of Wednesday would have impacted my attitude in a very negative manner. Now, after years of travel, I find joy in the derailment.

The first person I met was a sales representative that was wondering if she should jump or stay at her current company. After talking, she said, "You have a lot of experience and should write a book." I told her that might be down the road but I have to finish the one I keep promising God first.

The second gentleman was a former soldier and does private stints in areas of the world that are dangerous. He was a believer and you could tell. He was strong in spirit and loved this country and the freedoms we have. I told him the story of the little blue soldier I retrieved on Memorial Day in Leavenworth, Kansas. On the box, it said take one of these soldiers and put it where you will remember the sacrifices these men and women make for our country, so I did. I have a good friend that is overseas and I pray for him whenever he pops into my mind. He loved the story but when I said I would pray for him to he said thank you, we all need the prayers.

That brings me to yesterday as I talked to truckers alone, away from their families and some with dogs as companions. They came in all shapes and sizes but they all had one thing in common, they were providing the goods we use every day.

We are very lucky in the US. We have men and women that drive trucks so we can have the comforts of life and there are those that leave their families to go to foreign, often dangerous places, so that we can have our freedoms. Not every country has what we have and it's so common here we forget the sacrifices of others for us.

I will not soon forget the faces I've seen as those mighty trucks came in and out of a very busy truck stop. I won't forget how one man told me he rescued a dog that rescued him. I won't forget that soldiers face or our conversation and I hope God reminds me to pray for all of them.

God has provided for all of us in the same way. He sacrificed something so dear so that we could have peace, joy, relationship and eternal life. Similar to the men and women that left there homes for their jobs, Jesus came to earth to provide a FREE way.

Take a moment to look around you and to pray for the semi that goes past you or a soldier, they need our prayers for they are doing God's work in providing for us.

As always my warrior sisters pray for those that need to know Jesus and if you are one of Him, He's ready to accept you to the family.  There's always room at God's table for one more, are you next?

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