Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11, 2012

The weather is heating up in the midwest.  Indonesia just had an 8.5 earthquake.  Egypt may be electing a president that hates Israel and well, is there anything good to talk about?  Of course there is, where do we get our strength from?  If we believe that Jesus came and rose again, we must believe that every event and in every situation, He is near.  Satan may rule the world, but God rules the Kingdom!  Even then, remember Jesus can step on the snake and in the end, He will destroy it!

Every year, around tornado season, I get terrified.  Not just a little worried, or fearful, but I'm talking truly terrified.  I am the first one in the basement if the weather gets bad and I am the last to leave.  I am a New Yorker at heart and therefore, no matter how long I live in Kansas, tornadoes continue to scare me.  Now, I realize that this isn't God talking and I have to repent every day during this season.  My immediate question to my husband is, will we have a tornado?  He just laughs and I know deep down he would rather be chasing them than calming a hysterical female.  

I stand firm on there's nothing to laugh at.  I am not worried about my possessions, although, when I was young that did factor in.  But now, it's more loss of life that worries me.  I want to protect my husband and children and yet, do I have the power to do that?  Doubtful.  God is the only one that can protect us from nature or any other challenge life throws at us.  He's the maker of the Universe and the sole controller of our lives.  So, this season, I am going to pray and surrender to Christ.  I can't stop the events but I can pray.

It's important that I conquer this fear because fear paralyzes.  I want to be free to experience every event in my life and if God chooses to take my house; I want to be okay with it.  I will always pray for the protection of my family and with my prayers, release them to Christ.  They are His, not mine, but it's easy to forget that, when you've spent most of your life protecting them.

Take heart, if you are dealing with some fear in your life, Christ can give you peace.  It's not shameful to admit your fear; it's shameful to keep it.  Fear and worry are part of a woman's makeup. However, like all sin, we can change that by asking Christ in and repenting!  So this season, as hard as it will be for me, I am going to surrender my fear and worry to the Lord.  I know it will happen a thousand times before tornado season is over, but in the end, I will have victory.

Isaiah 35:4 NKJV:

     Say to those who are fearful-hearted, "Be strong, do not fear!  Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God; He will come and save you."

Psalm 27:3 NKJV:

     Though an army may encamp against me, 
     My heart shall not fear;
     Though war may rise against me,
     In this I will be confident.

We don't have to fear; we choose to fear.  We must fear God but everything else is on us.  I hope today you're able to release your fear!

My prayer today:

Oh Lord, I so hope to release my fear to You.  I sing Your praises morning and night and still I walk with fear.  Help me to choose You and to repent.  Protect me and convict me so that I can be free.  I long to live a fear-free life.  I release all my doubts and fears to You today.  May You be glorified in my repentance.  Thank you for being our Father and for showing us that You will save us!  Continue to make us confident in You as we walk to be obedient in Your word.  AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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