Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 28, 2012

Have you ever wondered why you don't hear from God? It seems when we are upset that God is so far away.  In reality, God is so close. Think about the last time someone called you out of the blue and said you were on their heart today. Was that a coincidence or the Holy Spirit?  I believe that God uses His body to be His voice when we can't hear. Because when we are caught up in the trial, our feelings take over and God can't get through.

So He uses His body to be His hands and feet. Our feelings are important. But it's more important for us to pray for patience and wisdom. Unfortunately we sometimes lack the fortitude to move toward God because we are feeling too much. Those same feelings can paralyze us into believing God has left us and so has His love. His love never leaves us. It's there ready and waiting. He parted the Red Sea, brought prosperity to the Jews, gave Abraham a son, and finally promised us His love, by sending His son to die on a cross. He knows your hardship and pain but you have to be willing to trust in what you can't feel or see.

Our journey can not be controlled by emotions. We must take this journey one day at a time and look for the rainbows. They're there. Can you call out to Jesus today and believe His promise!  I challenge women in every nation to believe today that God loves them!  For once, we as women have to give up on the feelings and hold onto the promise.  I know that's not easy, especially when your feelings say, "I'm miserable."  But as bad as those feelings are, God is doing a great work in your life.  He will use you to heal the sick, comfort the broken, and minister to the lost.  When we have gone through a great battle and come out victorious, God brings people to us to share our story.  It's in the hardships of life, when we have died to our flesh and trusted in our Savior, that God uses us the most.

Some might not find comfort in that.  We rarely want tribulation in our lives.  But here's the truth, this is not our life to live, it's Jesus's and He paid for it on the cross.  The world wants us to believe that we deserve a beautiful and carefree life, full of great things.  However, it's exactly the opposite.  How many people do you know that came to Christ when everything in their life was roses?  Probably not many.  Why?  Because we are human and when everything is beautiful, we don't need God.   I'm not saying that we don't totally need Him but we don't have to trust in what we can't see or feel.  We are in bliss and when we're in that state; we feel good.  It's when we face hardships that we learn to depend on Him.  Only then can we learn to trust in the dark, pray without ceasing, help someone we don't know, and walk with no end in sight. 

Believe me, I wish everything in my life could be happy, carefree and full of beautiful things all the time.  But that's just not possible if I want to be Christ's woman.  And more than anything, I want to be used by God to spread the good news.  I want to die to my flesh and follow Him until the end.  No matter if your a Christian or not, you will face trials.  It's part of a fallen world.  So if we have to face them anyway, let's face them knowing that Jesus is Lord, that His promises are fulfilled, and that He knows what's best for our life and for His glory!  I want to be the woman that walks in the dark and rests.  The key is that, "I want to be," obviously, I am not there yet.

If you're looking for Christ and can't find Him, take time and ask Him to show you  a Scripture.  In His word, He reveals His love.  He doesn't change; we do.  I can't say it enough, in order for us to achieve the goals Christ sets for our lives, we must read His word, pray and be in communion with other women.  There is strength in numbers.  And the greatest thing of all, is that we can be an ocean away and still , He can bind us together through the Holy Spirit.  He has given me a heart for women in every nation.  I don't know why and maybe I never will, but He has and I'm grateful.  Please spread the word of His amazing love.  We have a great gift, the gift of being a woman.  Let's use it to bring others to His body.

Please read Romans 9 today.  The whole chapter is worth it and it will give you a great prospective on the flesh, transformation and God's glory.

My prayer today:

Lord, we come to you the chosen.  We ask that as our Savior that You would grow us up to be women that love to be transformed.  We know that we will face trials but we pray for victory at every corner.  Help us to trust in You all our days and give us courage to persevere through hardship.  And if You see fit, bring women from all over the world to us so that we can proclaim the good word.  In the end, You are the only hope we have.  If there are women out there so miserable that they can't hear from You, send a woman to their door, full of encouragement and light.  Use us to be Your hands, Your feet, Your voice.  You are forever the way, the truth, the light and we worship You on this glorious Sunday because without You, we are nothing and with You we are satisfied.  Your grace is sufficient today Lord, let the women across the world band together and know it without a shadow of a doubt, that Jesus is Lord, forever.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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