Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012

Today, I took some time to remember those that I have lost.  Those that loved me and provided shelter, comfort and encouragement all my life.  In the last 5 years, I have lost a brother and both of my parents.  Moving as a child, from place to place, brought a bond between our family, like none I have come across.  We were close, some would say too close and yet, it made us all respect and love family.

The loss that I feel is still there.  Sometimes when I wake, I realize how much I have lost.  Even this morning, I couldn't write because the fact that you have lost someone doesn't go away; time just heals the very open wound.  My cure is Jesus Christ.  My family is my Father and it's Him who I go to when this journey is too tough, too raw and too painful.

The blog that you now read comes from a woman who has lost half of her family.  I never thought I would get through a day without my mother, let alone, losing my brother and my father.  But I have.  I have learned that my family is much bigger than my community or my country; it spans the sea, the mountains and many countries.  My family is now the people that Christ calls me too.  And in the quiet and sometimes the darkness, I know that my call is for His glory and all the pain I feel will be replaced with a purpose far beyond today.

I am thankful to my mother and father because they instilled in me a heart that loves others.  I'm not sure either one of them knew a stranger.  They loved their neighbors and people they didn't even know.  Because of this love, the love I too received, I can now love women in many nations.

You are faceless to me.  I can't see you and I can't even talk to you but Christ has called me to pray for you and hopefully, someday we will meet.  Being a woman is a challenge in any country and it's time we unite for the good of the generations to come.  Men create war and women pray about it.

I have been one of the lucky ones.  I live in a country where women are free and where they have choices.  Not every woman can do that.  There are countries where reading the Bible will get them killed. I am free to read the Bible, pray for nations, love women and worship my Savior.  In my loss, I have great strength.  Because the loss taught me to shout from the roof tops and tell women everywhere to walk with Jesus.  He is all we need!

If you're struggling with darkness, lost someone, getting divorced, or live in a depressed nation, please reach out to Jesus Christ.  He will fill the empty areas of your heart.  I can't promise that you will live in a mansion or have food to eat daily but I can promise that Christ is with you and He is calling women to Him.  We must believe and have faith that the Jesus of the Bible is real and moving in our world.  Time is short and we only have so much time to work.  Our time is now, please join me in the fight for women everywhere and please pray for those that are less fortunate than us.  We need to remind ourselves that Christ came for the broken, the sick, the hurt, and the lost.  We are those people.  The color of our skin, the way we talk or where we live should never have bearing on our fight to love one another.

Today, I am thankful for those of you that follow this blog.  I know God has done all things through His will and I pray that every day I will write for His glory.  My heart is whole through my Father.  For every step in my journey, for every tear I have shed, for every loss I have felt, for my failures and my successes, I thank Jesus Christ for saving me and making me His!

I am praying my sisters that you will see Him today.  Even though we are miles apart, He is with us, all we have to do is pray!

James 4:10 NIV84:

     Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.

1 Timothy 6:12 NIV84:

     Fight the good fight of faith.  Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of witnesses.

Job 22: 27 NIV84:

     You will pray to Him, and He will hear you, and you will fulfill your vows.

My prayer today:

Today I thank you for the people You have brought into my life.  For the moments You gave and for the memories that will last a lifetime.  Lord, I come before You a changed woman.  I am Your woman and I want women everywhere to know You and to love You, the way I do today.  My faith has come at a price but I am so glad I have it.  You are my resource, my hope, my joy and my love.  You fill my heart with love and understanding and when I am weak, You are strong.  Life would be nothing without You.  Help those today that are seeking a Savior to find a person, a website, or a blog that will help them know You.  You are the key to this life, without it the lock is frozen.  Continue to free us from our bonds, provide encouragement to the weary and give us a heart for every woman in every nation.  We love You, ABBA FATHER!  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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