Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

How do you find hope in a hopeless world?  After Eve ate the apple, she had to wonder that very thing.  Her life went from the Garden of Eden, walking and talking to God, to toiling and worrying.  The guilt had to be more than she could bear and yet, she knew God was there.  Don't you ever wonder what she was thinking and feeling during the days when one son killed the other?  She had to be contemplating her fall and the fall of the future generations.

Is Eve the cause and effect of the world going wrong?  It would seem so, but when you look deeper in Scripture, God knew her heart and told the serpent that her seed would crush him forever.  Out of Adam and Eve came the line that would produce Jesus and it's His mission to crush the evil one.  We have choices all around us and we are very good at choosing the path of destruction, when in essence all we have to do is stop, ask God and be obedient to the word.  Everything we need is in the Bible.  The commandments were given to us as a guide and yet, we choose to forsake them for our wants and desires.

Now we live in a world where evil runs free and we have more temptation.  We are stimulated by the Internet, television, mobile media and all sorts of lies, including the thought that we deserve a better life.  We don't deserve a better life; we deserve the life God gave to us.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had everything they desired.  They were nurtured, cared for and established.  They walked and talked with our Lord openly.  And yet, when the choice was hers, she chose knowledge over life.

Today, we also choose knowledge.  It's at our fingertips and we can convince ourselves that what we believe is enough.  The fact is that God created the best belief system in the world.  There is no other religion that has been more powerful through History.  Who teaches that a man came and died on a cross for our sins?  Only Christianity.  It's the only choice and yet, the world wants us to believe there is more than one way to Heaven.

Our Lord is merciful and just.  All we have to do is to look into the line of Adam and Eve.  There were horrible consequences to their actions but their line will crush the enemy.  Like the Israelites that wandered in the desert for 40 years, will we stand against God or will we believe that He is enough in every situation?  I questioned that myself this week and I came to the conclusion that I must believe and have faith above every circumstance.  He has proven to me, time and time again, that He deserves my respect and my loyalty.  Don't you think that Eve learned that too?  She messed up by eating that apple but God is good and He corrected her eternal mistake.  There was forgiveness and compassion in His chosen Son.

I realize more than most that bad things happen to good people and that sometimes, life is just not fair.  I also realize that I have never sacrificed my life for someone else and that I don't deserve the mercy and love I receive from the Savior.  He provides it, not because I am worthy, but because He is worthy and chooses to love me.  If you're wondering where Christ is, remember that He is with you.  His Father made a pact to destroy the serpent and someday He will.  We have to hang on until that day.  We must choose to believe that He is real in all circumstances.  Please unite with women around you and band together.  We are part of the line from Eve to Mary.  We have purpose, courage, strength and love, through Jesus Christ our Lord. By Jesus dying on the cross, He sealed a new covenant with us.  One in which He reigns and we must take the opportunity to share His love with the masses.

If you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and was risen from the dead, please join me in praying for the hopeless, the lost and the nations.  There are women all over the world that need to hear that Jesus is Lord.  Some live in poverty, some live in wealth but all live with a need to know Jesus Christ.  We are empty without Him and so let's confess with our mouths that He is Lord!

Genesis 3: 13-15  NKJV:

    And the LORD God said to the woman, "What is this you have done?"  The woman said, "The serpent deceived me, and I ate."  So the LORD God said to the serpent:
"Because you have done this, You are cursed more than all cattle, And more than every beast of the field; On your belly you shall o, And you shall eat dust all the days of your life.  And I will put enmity between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heal."

It almost scares me when I read this passage because God was angry.  And yet, in His goodness, he corrected a very critical mistake.  We choose sin and He chooses us.  Not many people can say they love the sinner.  Yet, we have a God that by love has saved generations.  He didn't need us; we needed Him.  And although we make Him angry, He has mercy.  God fulfilled His promise to the serpent through the death of His Son.  The story isn't finished but we know that our Savior is near and that someday He will come and send evil away forever.  Until then, we must rely on the fact that through faith, we have been saved and that our choice must always be Jesus!

My prayer today:

Lord give us the ability to confess openly that You are the way, the truth, the light.  That You did die on a cross for us and that nothing has changed from the beginning of time.  You came to save generations and will someday reunite us as Your bride.  And when that day comes, You will destroy the serpent that deceived Eve and made her believe that knowledge was more important than You.  I pray for women all over the world and ask that You would begin to call us into Your army.  Give us the weapons to fight the spiritual battles that exist today.  We need to know that You are before us and with us and that in all circumstances; we can stand on faith, that You are the only way to Heaven.  Keep our minds safe and guide us in a Holy way.  We seek You for our comfort, our shelter, our faith.  Please come before us today and help us love the one's You love.  Bring peace to the nations and protect our families as You call us into Your Holy army.  We desire to be with You all our days.  Finally, forgive us of our sins so that we can be close to You.  We need to hear from You in all things and thank You daily for Your sacrifice.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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