Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012

Good morning all-

For most of the world Christmas will soon be here.  I started over a week ago talking about Jesus' birth and the wonders of what it meant.  Then tragedy struck the US and God put many things on my heart.  Every day holds its own mystery.  We never know when our lives will change forever.  If we worry, we will miss out on the blessings that are in front of us, so let's surrender all to Christ so He can have His will on our lives.

I heard many years ago that our lives are His, not ours.  I can't remember who said them but it has stuck with me ever since.  As a child, I worried that people would leave me, that they would die and that I would feel great loss.  One of my most memorable dreams was sitting under a big oak tree with my brothers.  We were young and Satan was there.  He told me to deny Christ or he would take each one of them. I can't remember the order he took them in, but one by one they died.  And then in 2006, the first one died while mountain climbing.  That dream has never left me, I would say that it has impacted my whole life.  For if I fear death, then I really don't understand God.  I should rejoice in death because the dead will live again.  That's if they know Christ.  I guess that's why this year has been so important to me.  I have prayed that people that don't know Christ would see this blog and read at least one page. Because at the end of the day, our lives are not our own.

There is purpose everywhere.  Everyone constantly is wondering what they should be doing.  I say, sit still and listen.  There are always hurting people.  You saw a few in the news this week.  But babies die everyday all over the world, war has taken children and senseless pain is caused everywhere.  There is a need for love and prayer, for someone to stand up for the innocent and for people everywhere to unite in prayer.  There are more lost than found and those are the ones we need to concentrate on.

So as we approach the season that I love, let's put Christ first.  As women we have a great influence over our husbands, boyfriends, children and friends.  We don't have to be married with children to make impact; we just have to reach people.  I am going to begin to pray starting today that one person comes to know Christ every day leading up to the 25th.  I hope it multiplies to millions but for now I will concentrate on one.  If you know someone that isn't saved, talk to them and encourage them to read the Christmas story and let God do the rest.  Because a child was born to a virgin and His name is Immanuel.   Jesus did come and He will come again.  We are not lost if we know Him and although we fear the unknown, Jesus is always with us.   I don't have many answers when it pertains to this world but the one answer I do have is that Jesus is the way to heaven and I want to make sure that my life meant something in this darkened world.

Take time to read the Christmas story to your family this week.  I'm going to on December 25th when all my men will be in one place.  It's a time of great rejoicing and I'm so glad that God has me and that I have Him and that He will send His Holy Spirit all around the world.  No matter where you live, Jesus is near and He is our Savior, who needs Santa Claus when you have Jesus.  HOLY HOLY IS THE LAMB!

Luke 2:11 NKJV:

      For there is born to you the day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, come before Your faithful flock and show each woman her purpose here on earth.  Give us the strength and the courage to walk in faith and not by sight.  Hold us tight through our worries and our trials.  Make us Your women, women that speak of Your name in our homes, our cities, and our nations.  Challenge us to do Your work and to come before You daily.  We are far from perfect and as we confess our sins we look toward the plan You have for us.  I am just one of many that love You and that want to shout Your name from the rooftops.  I know that a child was born and that child was You. Jesus Christ is my life and with all my imperfections I come before Him and praise You for everything You are and everything You're doing.  We may not understand why tragedy has to strike or why little ones must come to You, that's for another time.  All I want to know is that as we seek You, we will find You and that many will come to know You this Christmas.  A child was born and many have been born before Him and after Him but none had the significance of You.  We cherish Your birth and pray for the day You will return to take Your bride.  Until that day, I sing Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty! No words are great enough to describe Your worth.  Your life is love and as we approach this season may we spread Your love to every country around the world.  My prayer is that many will see You and that they will come to You with haste.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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