Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013

Good morning all-

This morning I woke up at 5:00 am, got in the shower, let the dogs out and then looked at my phone.  My son had left me a text that he needed some clothes washed (I think it's time he started doing his own).  Anyway, as I started toward the bathroom to do my hair, I peaked to the table and saw the biggest disaster ever.  I guess he thought that if he rummaged through the laundry basket, magically all his clothes would appear.  He got a shock!

It's funny how kids wait to the last minute to get themselves together.  Instead of looking for clothes when he got home at 7, he waited until I went to bed at 10.  And then of course, my men think that laundry takes only 30 minutes to wash and dry and again I say it's time for me to teach him how to do his laundry.

I think the other part that makes me laugh to myself is that he threw in I'm almost 18 years old and I'm a man yesterday.  See he wants to go see his cousins in Kansas City and whenever he feels like he's a man, he is. (Again it's time to teach him how to do laundry!)

My youngest son is a tornado. He can wreck a room in 15 minutes or less and eventually he can clean it to a sparkling state in about 30 minutes.  He's always been like that and I guess it may not change.  Oh, do I feel sorry for his future wife!  Anyway, seeing all this bright and early reminded me how much we wait, stall and put off what we could do today.  He knew he was going to KC and yet, he felt the need to wait until I went to bed to prepare.  I'm sure you know people like that.  They love to put off things and to be honest, I like to put off difficult things so maybe that's where he got it from.  I only like to touch things once and then, I know I've done it right.  That's just not always the best mode of operation.  I'm sure you're getting my meaning.

My thought is we are all the same way with God.  We get busy and life rolls into a big ball of matter.  We move on the giant roller coaster until we fall in our beds dead from the work we have done and then we get back up and get back on that coaster.  It's full of fury and in the midst, where is God?  Well, He's waiting for us to be still.  I can't think of one time the Bible talks about Jesus racing around trying to get kids to sports, meeting friends for dinner and a movie or just not making time for His father.  Before, during and after any great event, Jesus went to His father, prayed and asked for direction.  He even would seek out the mountain to be as closest and as still as possible to God.

I'm just like you.  I lead a busy life with lots of responsibility.  I am constantly checking email, taking phone calls, making dinner and cleaning up.  It's an every day routine for me.  Guess what I don't always do?  You guessed it!  I don't always find a place to be still, read my Bible and pray.  For the most part, I try but often if work, family or responsibilities get to tough, Christ is the one thing that suffers and I'm ashamed to admit it but I'm sure you all have experienced times like this.  That's why I feel so blessed when I wake at 5 am so I can sit and convene with Christ.  It's the best part of my day and it energizes me more than a B vitamin.  My time with Christ gives me all the energy I need to complete the tasks before me.  And when I'm still, I feel His holy presence!

Whether your a procrastinator like my son or you just find other things that occupy your day, I would like to challenge you to sit still with God for 20 minutes and ask Him to come into you and guide you.  That 20 minutes could be exactly what you need to forge a mountain, swim an ocean or simply take care of something that has been needing to get done.  We our are own worst enemy.  The world was built to distract us from the One who can save us.  Just ask anyone what they felt like, walked like or did before they found Christ.  They probably resembled my table this morning.  A bunch of everything, going in no direction, spilled out, washed up and completely out of control!  That's what my table looked like and that's what I resembled before I found Christ.

The best part of any day for me is when I get to sit here and write.  It's my time to let the Holy Spirit flow through my fingers and into the hearts of His women.  It's my time to be taught and to hear from Him.  And it's our time to come together from other nations and pray for one another.  We are one through Jesus and we will remain one as long as we take the time to feed our souls.  The Bible and Scripture are there so we can convene with Christ, know Him and fall more in love with Him.  If your day is so chaotic that you don't know which way is up then you probably haven't taken time to love Jesus today, let alone yourself.  Having energy to spread the gospel takes patience, desire and being still.  How is God supposed to get through if your mind is on everything but Him!

I pray today is the day you choose to sit with Him and see His hand for what it is.  I hope He guides you and shows you the importance of taking minutes out of your day to be still.  If we only have 5 minutes, it's better than none.  Our God is powerful and remember He is jealous so try to take some time in your day to build a holy relationship.  All the works in the world don't add up to spending time in the presence of our Lord!  May today find you well and know that I'm praying that God does mighty things in your life.  My greatest desire is to meet the women that read this blog.  I can't speak most of your languages but I can love you and build a relationship with you through my prayers.

Take care my sisters and give Christ a moment of your time!

John 7:6 NIV

     Therefore Jesus told them, "My time is not yet here; for you any time will do.

Luke 11:3 NIV

     Give us each day our daily bread.  

My prayer today:

O, Lord take off the shackles of busyness and bind us to you.  We seek events, work, family, and service instead of stillness, peace and relationship with you.  Our minds are on what needs to be done instead on how we can find more time to be with you.  We spend time reading, in front of the television or just on anything but You and we find time.  My prayer today is that we would find a slot for You in our every day lives and that we would ask You into our lives. I am in fault too.  I often find myself saying how busy I am or how tired I am and that's probably because I haven't fed my soul with the power of the cross.  Lead me to You my blessed Savior and lead my sisters to You too.  Feed us as we seek You and bring us closer to You.  Take the chaos of this world and replace it with peace beyond understanding.  The world is hurting, we are in need of a Savior and although You are not physically here, You are spiritually.  I pray that every woman that touches this blog will seek You more and find that being in relationship with You precedes all other things in their lives.  I pray that You will bless the woman that find You and that You will begin to make us great leaders for You.  In Jesus Name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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