Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 17,2013

Hello my sisters!

I can't believe how much the flesh determines our direction.  I watched an employee fall apart and really not tell the truth today.  I thought that I would get mad but all I did was feel sorry for her.  Later in the day I found out my other single mom fell apart because she went from being a stay at home mom to a working mom, all due to a husband that followed his flesh over the commitment he made.

It was a crazy day and all I could think about is how the flesh controls us and how often we fall into that downward spiral of flesh over spirit. At what point do we surrender and realize living for Jesus is the only way?  I don't have a global answer for that because each one of us walk with Him individually.  What I think I know is that we walk more in the spirit when our heart is open and repentant. It's hard to walk that way.  Humans love to protect themselves and often think they are right when we are wrong.  It;s called pride and every human suffers from it.  I don't care if you live in the US or Russia, we suffer from selfishness, pride and temptation.  It's all part of the fall.  However, Jesus came to give us freedom from those very things.  He came humbled among man and walked this earth with nothing more than the robes on His back.  He didn't ask for people to acclaim Him, He was who He was and He knew His role.  I thank God every day for sending His Son, sacrificing Him on a cross and giving me His holy spirit.  Without it, I would be an absolute mess, well I'm a mess anyway, but at least I surrender to Him.  If I have to surrender myself, my pride and my soul, who better to surrender it too.

Like you, I have all the human elements that make us wretched.  I get angry, I'm often stubborn, and I want people to admire me.  None of those things matter to Jesus.  There's only one thing He ever wanted and that's our love.  I'm humbled by a God that only cares about my heart.  He didn't care if I was beautiful, if I had great talents or if the masses loved me.  He only cares that I know Him, that my heart seeks Him and that I surrender all.  As I write this my words seem simple but they just aren't.  We live in a time where everyone can know everything about us.  The web is wide and people are hacking accounts, stealing identities, and delving into personal information.  There are no secrets anymore.  You may have them but eventually someone will find out.  The one thing that no one can steal from you is your heart.  It belongs to One God!  Our hearts are all He treasures and yet, what do we treasure?  Do we look at our homes, our bank accounts and our families and store our treasures there?  More than likely, we do.  Why?  Because we are human and the flesh takes over.  Our fleshly selves love to amass things.  The more friends, the more money and the more riches we have the more powerful we feel.  Jesus is the exact opposite.  All He wanted was for us to seek Him with all our hearts and He would turn over the keys to a kingdom.

It's something for us to think about.  I suffer from the flesh as much as anyone.  You have read it in my words.  My struggles are just like most of the people around the world but the one thing that I found long ago was Jesus.  I hid Him behind my walls and my mind until one day, I made a decision to open my heart to the world and write this blog.  He has my heart, my failings and my love.  I would be nothing without Him!

If you're struggling trying to find the meaning in life and you find your searching the world for your gratification, I beg you to stop, get on your knees and commit your heart once again to Jesus.  You may never have great riches or walk where the ancients did.  You may never travel around the world or meet famous people and you may never know the comfort of having a bank account that's overflowing, but you do have Jesus and He promises to meet us where we are.  Our hearts belong to a Savior that understands the flesh.  He conquered it to hang on a cross.  His love was greater than all the gold coin in the land, then and now.

We belong to Him and the only ransom He asks for is the only thing you can give.  So take today and give Him your heart, He's waiting.  I think that's the best gift of all, that He waits patiently until we die to our flesh and find Him, what a wonderful Savior!

I pray today for those of you that read this blog and those of you that will be led to it.  This is all His  I'm a fleshly vessel sitting at a computer writing the words that come to mind but behind every word is my God, the one I cry to in the night and the one that beckons me and makes me better than I was yesterday.  I won't be perfect until I'm at His feet.  The most I can hope for is that I continue to be true to myself and follow along the path He has given me.  I love you my sisters and I hope you can give the one thing He's asking for today.  It's yours to give!

Romans 8:5 NIV

      Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; bu those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires.

Psalm 26:73 NIV

      My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

My prayer:

O,  Lord, the day is still not yet upon us and I all I can think about is how fleshly I truly am. My mind goes to all the things that need to be completed before my day even begins.  I'm pulled in twenty different directions but when I sit here and write my thoughts, the only one I can think of is You.  Your sacrifice is my reward.  How many times have I written that?  I can't even count but when I put it with  my flesh and see Your sacrifice I am in awe.  Thank You for waiting for me to give my heart freely and for loving me enough to be patient, watching over me until I gave it all.  I am constantly trying to see You and yet sometimes, my life, my struggles take hold and all I can do is think about myself.  It's those times that I lose sight of You and I become discouraged, critical and stop trusting in what I know is right.  You never leave me and You haven't left the others either.  Give them courage to find You, to love You and to give of their hearts freely.  Take the blinders of selfishness off and fill each person with a peace beyond understanding.  Your blood has given us freedom, no other god talked about on earth gave their life for someone else, only You.  That's why You are the One true God, the Only God and the Only way to Heaven!  Please write this on peoples hearts and help me pray for the souls that are lost and lonely.  Keep me real and help me surrender all.  I'm trying with all my might but my trying won't do anything.  Giving of my heart is all You require, so today, I once again die to my flesh and surrender my heart.  You are worth it!  In Jesus name,  AMEN

Until tomorrow....

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