Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Faithfulness or worry?

Good morning my sisters-

Have you ever thought worry can deflect from faith?  How do we rest when we worry?  Where is the peace.  The peace is all around us but it's our own lack of faith that washes it away and in the midst there is a tremendous anxiety about tomorrow.

I have been plagued by this my whole life. Just when I rest in Jesus' arms things start falling apart.  I can't sleep, I feel fatigued and it's all because I was worried about tomorrow.  It's really hard to find Jesus when you and your mind think they know what's best.  I know you've been there too and that's why it's so much on my mind.

I think my biggest worry is whether or not I'm fit to spread the gospel to the Nations.  What if God picked the wrong person?  Am I really spiritual enough, well read enough or do I know enough to carry His message to the masses.  Many of Jesus's followers were none of these.  They were ordinary men and women called to be apart of a growing revival and yet, I still worry.  I count myself as not good enough, not learned enough and not filled with faith enough so I guess I've been chosen because I know it.

Through the years I have found that the only person I can truly trust is God and when I remember that; I'm better for it.  That's not to say that I don't trust people because I do believe in others.  The thing is that often I relied on my own strength, will and courage to get me through.  And as you all know, that doesn't always work.  Through every situation and for every problem, you just have to trust that God knows everything and you know nothing.

So I write once again feeling a lack of confidence to really take His gospel and take it to the Nations and once I again, I give it to Him because in the end I am but a speck on this earth and He is the almighty.  What right do I have to question how He wants to use me anyway.

Faithfulness doesn't come from knowing more, being the smartest or even the wisest.  It truly comes from surrender, peace and a great understanding that you alone are nothing but with Christ you are everything.  I hang my hat on that today and ask that like me; you will go to the cross unworthy, overwhelmed and full of sin, so that you can carry that cross and spread the Word that means more than gold!

May God bless you as you rest at His feel.  We need Him.  Bring it on Lord, protect us and guide us and help us to understand the path before us.  Take worry away and bring the full body of Your spirit on our lives and make us women full of faithfulness!

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope. (Psalm 130:5 NIV)

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