Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Prayer and the power of healing...

Good morning sisters-

I have 8 percent of my battery left so I may have to make this very quick.  As you know the last couple of posts have been dedicated to prayer.  I believe and Scripture confirms that prayer is power. When we pray, especially for others, God hears our cries.  He may not answer us the way we like sometimes but He does hear us.  I love prayer because when I'm praying I feel closest to God.  I don't have to wait for Lent or any other religious holiday to pray because its part of my life.

Prayer in the Bible was the tool that Christ used to commune with His father.  Even at the moment of His death Jesus cried out to His Father.  He forgave us for our sins and took on the punishment of man.  Probably the only thing that sustained Him on that cross was His cries.  Why?  Because He knew through prayer that His life was not His own and He gave it freely.  Not many of us could do that but it was because of Christ's ability to pray and do His Father's will that they became one.

I was talking to my boss yesterday about religion over relationship.  I believe in going to church and communing with other Christians.  I believe and it states in the Bible that we are a community of believers under one house when we believe that God is God and that Jesus died for us.  I believe that a religion does not define this journey but a relationship does.  Why?  Because people, which make up churches, can let us down.  I've let people down but Jesus never does.  He is the same today as He was when He broke break and fed thousands.  He hasn't changed.  That's what sustains me and makes me want to commune with my Father.  I know that people can and will let us down but Jesus won't.  Does that mean life will be easy?  Of course not.  Life isn't easy for anyone, whether you confess to Jesus or not.  There is no such thing as a charmed life and there are no easy roads in an evil world.

The power of prayer can change History, bring about revivals and heal the sick.  It can take a crushed heart and make it whole and it can take a wicked person and purify them white as snow.  The power of prayer can take a sinner see the face of Jesus and when we pray we get to know God.  All throughout the Bible you can personally read the prayers of many.  It's all there for the taking. There are hundreds of references to prayer.  Why?  Because prayer is our light in a darkened world.  People are still miraculously healed, they still find Jesus and rainbows are bestowed on the lost every day.  Not just any rainbow but the rainbow.  God made a promise to never flood the earth again.  He hasn't.  We don't need a boat like Noah's to survive because we have God's solomn promise.  God told the profits of old that a Savior would come and He did.  God promised Abraham that He would be the father of Nations and He was.  These promises along with the promise of prayer are still for us to hear and to practice.

The power of prayer isn't some misconception of reality.  It is fact.  When I pray, I'm growing closer to my God.  Prayer is my phone line to Christ and when I pray I'm not just praying for nonsense.  I pray that God would call His warriors.  Why?  Because as He calls us more and more will know the power of the cross.  We aren't here to accumulate material possesions.  We're here to spread the good news.  Go out today and pray to The Lord your God and ask Him to do a mighty work through your life.  Pray for a neighbor or a family who lost someone on that flight from Malaysia.  Pray for the Nigerian women that was beaten by her husband or pray for an African child that was raped.  Life is happening all around us and we need faith, the Word and prayer to bring about change, so lift up the next generations and be the next warriors for Christ!

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. (Colossians 4:2 NIV)

Be watchful and pray my sisters, God is hearing you!  (I don't have time to read over this so I apologize for any grammatical mistakes.)

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