Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Having our eyes on God...

Good morning all-

Have you ever noticed what screwed up people were in the Bible?  I think about that a lot.  Look at all the men that God made His men and they fell one after another, only to be picked up by God.  To start the list there is Adam, fast forward and we have Moses, King David, to top it off we have Timothy, Peter and Paul.  Wow!  Each one of these men were mighty in their own right.  The world  would have seen them as conquerors, trailblazers and powerful.  What happened?  We come to find out they are human, they have flaws and they need a God of mercy and strength.  Fast forward to today, men all over the world are being deceived by their own temptations.  Women are too so I don't want to leave us out.  But our men are the leaders of families, they are the leaders of hate, they are the leaders of power. And between all of those men are the men that are down on their knees praying for all the other men in the world because they know that nothing comes to them by their own power.

Having our eyes on God is a daily struggle.  We toss and turn in our beds because we worry, we wonder and we try to guess the future, which by the way, none of us gets right.  We have faith for our friends but then we turn around and doubt for ourselves.  We begin to believe we have control when we have none and then the worst, we try to be God.  We put games, books, chores, work, and even our kids before God.  We work to worry and then we worry some more.  We all must unite and learn from what some call characters of the Bible.  They were real men and women facing the same things we face now.  Most of the men in the Bible started in humble beginnings and then were made to take on the journey that would get them into the History books.  They were ordinary people with ordinary lives just like us and then one day, God spoke to their hearts and things changed.  God is so much more than even I can imagine and I have a great imagination.  I sometimes think of Him when I'm flying.  I wonder what the choirs of the heavens look like.  I wonder what beauty the little children see when they get there.  I wonder if the streets are really gold or  are they just the most brilliant sparkle. Mostly, I wonder what it's like to sit at the feet of our Savior.  When I really get stressed out from the worries of this world, I like to crawl in my bed and close my eyes and just imagine for a moment I'm in heaven at the foot of Jesus.  It only lasts for a moment but that moment gives me courage to wake up the next day and fight the battle before me.

I have done much wrong in my life.  I have let people down, walked away from what I believed in and worried to the point that I can see signs of that worry in my health.  On the flip side, I have grown stronger in the lord day to day.  I have overcome obstacles by His grace.  I have witnessed miracles in peoples lives an through prayer, I have seen the impossible become possible.  I, like Ann Graham Lotz have been hearing God's call to the women and men of this earth, not just in the US.  All the terrorist groups in the world don't match to our God's anger.  Luckily for us, He is merciful and patient and not like the rest of us that want instant satisfaction and correction.  He is mighty and He deserves our time and when we don't give Him that, we should repent.  He is a jealous God and He should be. He does all things great and small in our lives.  He has provided every need and all He asks is for us to read His word and pray.  You would think that it would be that hard but in this day with so many distractions, it is.

So my call to you today is to allow yourself the time to close your eyes and focus on our Lord and Savior.  In the end as we close our eyes for the last time it won't be about the worries of tomorrow, it will be about the glory of our God and Father.  There are no words to express what that day will be like but I know one thing, there will come a day just like that. I hope when it does, we can say together, that we united not just for the US but for every nation and that we took the challenge and we trudged deeper into ourselves to prepare the desert highway for the Lord.

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