Thursday, June 25, 2015

Persecution..Do you care?

Good afternoon  my sisters-

I've been traveling a lot lately, which gives me a ton of time to think.  I also look more at the news briefs on twitter late at night.  One thing continues to remind me to pray and that's the persecution of the church.  Men, women and children are being tortured, beheaded and slaughtered because of hate and a people groups beliefs.  Throughout history people groups have suffered from evil, deception and rage.  Our world is evil and our world is hope.  How can we have both?  We must go back to Jesus' life and times and see how hate, deception and evil gave us life and the hope in our futures.

Is our time just like then?  Although many still enjoy freedoms, there are those that wish to rob us of our freedoms and of our religious beliefs.  Those same people can change.  Any hour of the day, Christ can come in and show them their way. Paul was one of those people.  He was part of people being killed for being Christians and today, he is the father of the church.  What happened?  God of course.  He stepped in and the rest is history.

In the coming days, Islamic believers will be celebrating a time of fasting and prayer.  Let's join them in that journey and pray that hate would cease and that the love of God would impact all our lives.  We only have this day to be faithful to our Lord and Savior.  One God for all eternity.  Please join me in prayer and ask God to change the hearts of men and make them like-minded with Him.

One Voice, One God, One Message!  Our path has been defined by sacrifice, surely we can all take a moment a day and ask God to come into the lives that have been deceived.  It's our time to carry the torch and to love our neighbor more than ourselves.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, God of Israel, come upon your people and guide them in prayer with one voice.  Give us the words to pray for this evil world and for the men and women that are being deceived.  Give us the tools and the fortitude to pray for peace on earth and Your will to reign forevermore.  Love conquers all, so in the days ahead, I pray that Your mighty love will conquer the hearts of those filled with hurt, anger, and destruction.  May we all find peace and understanding under Your wings.  I pray that You would protect Your people throughout the world and that our prayers will count for those that can't pray!  Hear our cries Lord.  In Jesus name, AMEN.

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