Monday, November 9, 2015

Pray for the World....

Good morning-

I just wanted to reach out today and encourage you all to pray for your countries, this world and Israel. Strange things are taking place and I think the one thing God is calling us to do is to repent and to look for Him.  We continue to have food supplies wiped out by drought, storms and disease.  The earth is growling and in Kansas this last week on the 7th day of November there were 7 earthquakes in 7 hours, strange you might say but it's definitely something to think about.

On top of those things, Israel is facing huge challenges.  North Korea, Russia and ISIS would love to destroy other countries and people groups and with all that chaos we are losing another generation to laziness, drugs and a sense of apathy for God.

So this morning, I prayed for the hills of Mount Zion to protect Israel.  I prayed a crown of thorns around my family and especially my kids and I prayed at lunch that God would protect all of us as we repent and look for Him.  It's a shame that it takes the rumors of wars, famine, floods and fire to make us look toward Him.  It's a shame that God needs to shake us up so that we quit being apathetic and we move toward Him.  I'm in prayer not about all the situations that are happening but about repentance, mine and everyone else's sin.  I need Jesus to envelope me and to make me see the power of the cross and so do you.

Instead of second guessing what's to come or looking for signs, which God promises will be there, let's just get down on our knees and pray for mercy.  That's what I'm doing and so should you.

Remember to pray:

  • Nations bow down to Jesus
  • People repent of their sin
  • God would protect our families by the crown of thorns He wore on the cross
  • Pray that all nations would be under God, invisible!

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