Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Provision day by day....

Good morning all-

Well I couldn't sleep because exciting things are happening in my world.  I am watching God's hand on my business and the movement has begun.  It has been an exciting time but I must say, often I think, "What have you done?"  And then I sit back, read my Bible with prayer and surrender.  I love to know what tomorrow brings. I plan for the future in my head all the time but often, the future is not exactly how I pictured it.  You have to know what I mean by that.  Tomorrow comes whether we like it or not but truly, can any of us predict tomorrow?  The answer to that is no, unless your a prophet and if so, everyone would want to hear what you have to say.

This week as I was driving, the words of my devotional came upon me and just like that I realized that God didn't design us to speculate about tomorrow, we were designed to remain in today.  It's the world that wants us to live for tomorrow, next week, next month and fast forward on to retirement.  Oh the world is ramping up so fast that no one can simply stay in today without hearing about the future.  Now this doesn't mean we shouldn't pray about the future of people, nations and God returning. We are to pray about all of that for sure.  What I'm saying is that God designed us to live in this moment, in this hour, in today.  Gosh, I hope your light bulb went off like mine.  I actually said out loud in my car, "Oh, that's what I've been missing!"  And to be very honest, I was missing this very important fact.

When we worry or are anxious, we have followed the world's view of life.  The world creates havoc, unrest and a general atmosphere of frustration and grumbling.  If you don't believe me just look around at local, state and world events.  Isn't everyone wondering who will be President?  Of course they are and no one really knows the outcome.  But the more it's discussed the more people worry about the future of the US, who will lead the country and what will happen to our children and their children.  Am I wrong?  No, I'm not. The more we look beyond today the more we get caught up in the uncontrollable circumstances in life and the less we focus on Jesus today and that's more of a problem then who will run a certain country.  Not focusing on Jesus means we are trying to control circumstances we have no knowledge of.  I would never have foreseen me leaving my company, starting my own business and connecting with key movers and shakers within one months time.  As a matter of fact, the moment I resigned, I started looking out three months and wondering what in the world did I just do.  But Jesus has worked and worked on me and every day I have found Him as I have sought His wisdom, knowledge and peace.  The reason the Israelites started grumbling after He parted the Red Sea was because they started looking further and further out and guess what, they got to wander in the desert 40 years because they didn't stay with God one day at a time.

God is still working on me with the whole provision thing. It's a daily journey of capturing every thought and asking God to reveal Himself to me.  I continue to pray for peace and courage and if I'm honest, trust.  Not just any trust, a supernatural trust that transcends all my thoughts and feelings and little by little, I'm seeing Jesus in my thought pattern. Thank You Jesus!  I need to rely on Him for all my provision. I need to rest in Him when I want to be weary and I need to give my life to Him, which includes my husband, children and business.  I  must not look at tomorrow, which to be honest will be hard but if I'm not made to look there, why am I?  It definitely is a question we must all ponder.

Day by Day Lord, this is the song I sang as a young girl.  It's the same song that came to  mind on my drive to the store this week.  Living day by day is what we were made to do.  No wonder He talks so much about coming to Him as little children.  Little kids don't wonder who they will marry, how much money they will make or if their parents can provide, unless of course you live in a country that is torn apart by war, hunger and terrorism.  I think in those circumstances children probably do think about tomorrow and yet, we see African communities shouting to Jesus in the midst of their circumstances.  We see Christians rising up in the Middle East and we have watched as men were walked to their beheading.  Life is happening all around us and I think it's arrogant for us to believe we know what the future holds.  Jesus said to come to Him as little children.  If that's the case, then why aren't we?  That's the very question I asked myself this week.  If I believe that my Savior provides, then why am I looking toward the future.  If He wants me to prepare for the future, He will definitely prompt me to do so, which was the case for Moses, Aaron, Noah and Jesus.  He gave them insight into more than just today but when they started on the journey, it was day by day, walking and communing with Him.

So as I leave you today I am excited about today and wonder what in the world will Jesus do today.  One of my good friends is moving and leaving friends she's made over the last 15 years and another is coming home for the first time in over 10 years.  Life is evolving and so am I. I want to be present in today so that I can capture every moment God is giving me to be there for someone else.  Our goal is not what this life can give us but what God wants us to do with it.  I'm still learning and I'm glad that Jesus has opened my heart to believe in Him.  I really don't want to be an Israelite but if I needed to for a time, to be closer to Him, then truly the trial has been worth it.

I'm praying that you capture every thought, that you slow down and are still and that in this moment you begin to look for Jesus day by day.  He is our manna, thrown down from heaven to be taken up again.  He saved you and He does love you.  Try to stay in today for tomorrow will come I promise. Hoping that this day brings you a ray of hope and that Jesus is in the middle of all my words. I owe Him my life, today and my future.  My purpose is to love Him and make Him known and I hope this blog is doing just that.  If you like what you read, please share it with a friend.  Have courage that He will speak through words to get to them in a way you can't.  Jesus loves all of us and wants us to know it.  It's our duty to tell someone how much they are loved even if they don't believe.  Praying and holding you up today!

Please read all of Exodus chapter 15 but if you don't have time, here's an excerpt for you.

Exodus 15:20-25 NIV

20 Then Miriam the prophet, Aaron’s sister, took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women followed her, with timbrels and dancing.

21 Miriam sang to them: “Sing to the LORD, for he is highly exalted. Both horse and driver he has hurled into the sea.”
22 Then Moses led Israel from the Red Sea and they went into the Desert of Shur. For three days they traveled in the desert without finding water.

23 When they came to Marah, they could not drink its water because it was bitter. (That is why the place is called Marah.a )

24 So the people grumbled against Moses, saying, “What are we to drink?”

25 Then Moses cried out to the LORD, and the LORD showed him a piece of wood. He threw it into the water, and the water became fit to drink. There the LORD issued a ruling and instruction for them and put them to the test.                                

May the Lord of my heart write these words on our heart and help us to rejoice in today so that we can come out from the desert into the promise land where milk and honey flow. In Jesus name we pray!

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