Thursday, March 29, 2018

When will we repent...

Good morning my warrior sisters-

 (I wrote this blog days after the incident and have waited to share it until now. Since then I have  watched the march and heard the voices of our youth crying out. They believe they can impact change with their voices and so do I.)

Legislation will not save us but Jesus will. We must believe, repent and choose to have a voice. If you believe that this message is worthy please share. Hope has never been in man it has always been our Savior.


It's been days since the Valentine's shooting in Florida. Fourteen beautiful young girls and boys have died along with three brave and wonderful men that saved many.  I often don't post about politics or specific incidents as I am today. Many things in this world make my heart heavy like Syria, Iran, Iraq, and N. Korea. As I've prayed for the Lord to break my heart for what breaks His, I have seen famine, homelessness, war and children covered in blood for religious battles. Today, I'm speaking as a woman that loves children and that believes that Jesus Christ is the way and the truth, so please don't stop reading because this is too hard. Keep reading and believe that the God of Abraham can rectify our sins and lift our children up in a time of great spiritual warfare.

I am 52 and have lived with tornado drills and in elementary school, bomb drills. I also was in a middle school during the riots of the late 1970's.  I can remember everyone going into the the halls, dropping down on my knees and covering my head. I remember the silence from the students and the teachers saying if this should happen cover your head and everyone did because they knew that this drill was for a reason. Today, from the time our children are in a preschool environment they have undergone code red drills. Why? Because in 1999, two very tortured boys chose to kill students and then kill themselves. It was an isolated incident. I was in a Walmart parking lot picking up some things to go to an office for a pharmaceutical display. I can remember the fear, hurt and overwhelming feelings of dread that this was the first but not the last.

Since that day, we are seeing these yearly and now monthly. What's going on?  Evil that's what's happening. It's not about the guns, although I think we will need to find a resolution around that discussion. This is about good and evil. This is about us letting down the future generations.  We sit and watch in silence as men and women bury their children. We feel something for a moment but then the next big news story comes along and we are back to our lives. Life has moved on for us but it hasn't for the parents, grandparents, wives and students that have to live with this horrible tragedy for the rest of their lives.

You can't diagnose evil. It lurks in the hearts. You can't put a finger on why someone would go mad enough to shoot up a school , however, we an diagnose that there is evil  in the world and as we sit in our homes thinking it can't happen to us, IT CAN.

When children are posting #never again and #enough and telling us, they are just children but we're adults, they are so right. We have let them down. We have let the government decide what's best for our children. We've not spoken up. We've sat in the corner and asked someone else to do it. We've forgotten about Sandy Hook and so many others. We are responsible and I'm not talking about the shootings, I'm talking about us not standing up and shouting JESUS.

We must weep for those families that have undergone horrible tragedy. We must pray and petition our father to forgive this country. We must come up with ideas and innovations that can save children from guns and we must decide what it means to defend our country and ourselves.

We must carry the burdens of the thousands of students that now will choose a way. They may not be able to articulate what that day did to them. Many will fall into depression and find ways to ease the survivor pain they are now in. And we must stand in the gap for them. We must pray for this generation that hasn't gone to war but that goes to school every day with the fear that one day code red will be sounded and that day may be their last day.

We won't be able to fight it with gun control or figuring out why Nik did this. He's going to recount that he doesn't know or he heard a voice or even worse it was just a calling so deep.  He has a chance to find Jesus now but what about the hours he spent where evil had his heart. We have suicide, opioid addiction, and so much more in this generation. When will we stand and not be ostriches. It's time to take our heads out and say Lord we hear you and we will stand for the families and children of this generation.

If you've quit reading, I hope you revisit this post because I will. I don't want to forget that children said we aren't being responsible. I won't forget a young man doing interviews because he wasn't sure he would live and he wanted this moment to be remembered. It would be his legacy. If those words and actions don't impact you, then I'm praying for you too. I will pray for our schools, our children and our generation because we must start speaking the truth. How many more events will it take before we are outraged and want to get on our knees? God will help us but we must repent and ask Him to help our country and save our children and not just their lives but their souls.

If you feel like this is just a rant, I'm sorry. It's not. I feel the pain of the parents. I don't know what it's like to bury my child but the pain of loss has to be so great. I've lost loved ones suddenly and you didn't get to say good-bye. You didn't get to tell them you love them one more time. It's so hard and parents and wives are thinking back to that day and believe me they will remember that they fled to work or forgot to say I love you. They will remember that they ignored one another or the baby was crying and daddy had to go to work. Life went on and yet, for them, they will wonder why they didn't say stay home.

We can't protect ourselves and we weren't meant to. No amount of guns or weapons will keep us from this kind of evil destruction. However, God can make something out of bad situation. He promises He will make good of it. He can fight our battles spiritually and He can save our nation from more evil acts. It's time we stand up for what's right and talk about Jesus. We only have today just ask fourteen sets of parents and the loved ones of three brave men. They only had that day, that moment and then they were gone.

Please stand with me as I mourn with those that mourn. Please pray with me for a lost generation and for men, boys, girls and women that suffer from mental illness. Please don't turn away from repenting for our nation because I am going to. Time is of the essence and if you don't realize it look around. Whatever we are worried about needs to flee from us and in it's place we must seek the Kingdom of God. You chose my page on Facebook, you read this blog, please stand with  me for what matters. This is our time to pray and petition and to believe that many can be saved through this horrible tragedy. We must pray that children everywhere seek Jesus and not evil.

I proclaim today that Jesus is the only way to salvation. He knows their pain even when we don't. He seeks the hearts of men and women and cries because we don't turn to Him. This is the only way our children will be safe. It says in the Bible that in the end times there will be powerful acts and miracles, more powerful than when Jesus walked the earth. Let's call on Him to give us that power so that this generation has a chance to know the power of God. And more importantly, that this generation would see men and women taking a stand for them. They are right, we are the adults, let's not let them down again.