Saturday, April 11, 2020


Good morning my warrior sisters-

We are approaching the day in History when Jesus was Risen from His grave.  So many don't believe this and yet, we know it truly happened. People witnessed it and because of it, we are saved.

This week has been a tremendous journey in prayer for me. I have thought about Jesus so many times as I've prayed about all the jobless in America, for those dying without family and for the lost that need Him so very badly.

Last night, my husband and I rented "I STILL BELIEVE," the story of Jeremy Camp and his wife and it rocked me a bit I must say.  How many times have I faced the fire to ask those very questions? How often did my plans fail and I wondered how could this be? How many times did I pray and believe for a different outcome only to find out that it's not my plan but His?


And yet, my trust is in Him the maker of the heavens and earth. My trust is in the unknown, the unseen and the often-made fun of. My trust resides in His blood. The blood that was shed on Calgary for me. You see, I pistis (believe) the red sea did part, I believe a famine took over the land and I believe fire rained from the heavens. I believe that thousands were killed in German camps because of the evil one and I believe that JESUS died and rose again for us.

I have spent so many years with my God watching out for me that I know there are miracles every day that go unseen and I know that in the face of COVID-19 we may suffer financially but we will gain in life. 

My confidence does not rely on the stock market or human kindness and acts of good deeds. It does not exist because I believe humans are giving and loving. My confidence is in Him who sacrificed His own life so that I may have eternal life. 

My life has not been easy, and it's not been as hard as some. I have endured loss and I have felt insignificant. I have watched disease take my loved ones and I have waited by the phone to find out if my brother had survived a fall off a Colorado mountain. I have endured stress in marriage, divorce and reconciliation and I'm walking in faith that my youngest will once again recognize the God I so love. Life has its moments but in all of them, we can pistis. 


Because he is faithful. His people still exist today, although they shouldn't. The nation He was born to still holds part of their lands, even though enemies have tried to take it repeatedly. Gentiles know His name because He made it so, which means even though I have no Jewish blood, I am His.

I am forever grateful to my God because I am not worthy. I am fallible and have fallen more times than I want to admit. I am nothing without His blood and I deserve nothing and yet, He gives me grace freely. I don't have to earn His love; it's handed to me and was handed to me the day He chose to die a criminal’s death on a rugged cross. 


Yes, we will. I still believe in the face of destruction there is light. Will we be a prosperous nation again?  That I can't answer, only time will tell. What I can tell you is that we were meant to be destroyed by the one that holds the world, yet, we can trust our God is near and that what is impossible for man, is possible for Him. You see we choose to run after power, money, prestige and our own selfish desires. He pursues us because He knows we NEED Him.

On this beautiful Saturday, take some time to reflect on your life. Disappointment is part of this fallen world, light shines in the face of it. May you see Him today the way I do with belief and anticipation for my life would be nothing without Him.

John 6:29 NIV

Jesus answered, "The work of God is this: to believe (pistis) in the one he has sent."

Acts 16: 31 NIV

They replied, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved-you and your household."

My prayer for you today:

No matter the circumstances, I pray that you would ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you today. I pray that this day would be the start of many that you begin to believe the words written in the Bible for they are true and living. Even though you may not understand them, carry them in Your heart and speak them often. I believe not because I'm brainwashed but because I know it to be so. Jesus take Your words and place them into the hearts of men and women everywhere. I praise You and thank You for guiding sinners to the cross and for freely giving us Your love. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020


Good morning my warrior sisters-

First, praise be to Jesus!  For in this time of great strife we must begin with praise!

How often are you watching the news or hearing how the administration is failing?  How often do you see a video where people are doing the wrong thing?  How many times have you heard how many millions are impacted by COVID-19 or that the sky is falling?

I'm sure you have heard or seen many of these things. What we aren't seeing is what's happening behind closed doors or in private discussions within our towns, states and government. We're not seeing the millions of people that are helping others, donating ventilators, designing new technologies like testing, or even about the auto workers who have worked tirelessly to change their plants into ventilator factories.  And then there are the doctors, nurses, medical assistants, working 12 hour shifts in hospitals all over the country. We aren't getting insights into the truckers as they've driven load after load and it doesn't end. We aren't with the grieving people as they mourn their dead and those who must lift them up from afar.

There is a mighty God in the unseen and yes, we are in a GEHENNA (valley).  There remains so much unknown and lack of direction that people feel like they are either in a dream or the worst nightmare they've ever had. This is where God begins to work, when man can't do anything to pick himself back up, God is picking us up out of the valley onto green grass.

For in the shadow much is happening. People are being saved, children are getting to spend more time with their parents, families are eating together and we are starting to care for our neighbors. You know, the ones we are supposed to love but we don't know their names only their faces. Well, after shelter in place orders, they are no longer faces on a street but real people, with real stories, and those stories are what's keeping all of us inspired in the face of this pandemic.

I don't know when things will return to normal and I'm not sure I even want normal again if it means we are selfish, driven, lack time for family and friends, and have no sensitivity to others hardships. I'm praying for a new normal where Jesus is the foundation and that hearts are turned toward Him. I'm praying that we care about our brothers and sisters all over the world and that we feel an immediate need to spread the gospel. Three weeks ago we were all in a different place and my hope is that the GEHENNA we now are in makes us realize that life is short and the world does not hold the keys. For the one who holds the keys to the world is here to destroy all the good that comes from worshiping Jesus and believing that we can TRUST IN HIM.

I have no idea where you are today or what you hope in. I hope you found this blog and it is turning your heart toward Jesus. My words mean nothing but HIS WORD is strong and true.  Hang on my dear sisters and pray, this to shall pass.

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

Lord, our Father, do YOUR will on earth and make us better people. May the valley of the shadow of death give us hope in YOU. May we comfort the mourners and pray for those that don't know where their rent will come from today. Give us eyes to see where we need to go and Lord give us courage to spread the good news during this pandemic. People of all races and from all countries need to hear Your WORDS and be comforted by Your SPIRIT. I am just one of many that follow you and that are being called. Please be with us and may my words encourage women to seek you first.  In Jesus name I pray, your daughter Lisa.