Friday, May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

Good morning my sisters-

I hope today finds you well.  I had one of those days yesterday.  The kind that make you rise up and you're already weary.  I had several bad dreams, not sure what they were but they woke me in the middle of the night and then it was a very full day.  I actually thought I would catch up but it was the exact opposite.  I also lost an account and that hurt.  I thought I could get it but we were too high in our pricing.  I hate to lose and then I thought of Jesus.  How many times has he been frustrated because His hand went out and the person He was extended it too, simply walked away?

Being a sales person is everything I ever wanted.  I love to take care of people and when you can fit a product to a person and meet their needs you feel like you've done something important.  I love being in the thick of helping solve problems and although, I didn't solve this one customers needs; I will someday.

I think that life holds many of these challenges and I wonder how often we just give up.  I guess I could throw my hands in the air and give up but that's just not in my DNA.  I never played sports so many would not consider me competitive.  But down deep, I really am.  I want to win and I want to win for Jesus.  The only problem is sometimes I have to be careful that my pride doesn't over-ride His will.  I'm just a person and He makes me successful, not the other way around.

So with that, I will continue to persevere.  I will find the light in the darkness and thank Him for every lesson that leads me back to Him.  Jesus is my rock, my foundation and my deliverer.  If I have Him, losing one account isn't that bad.  I will just have to work hard at finding other opportunities.  That's what makes my line of work exciting, frustrating and worth it.  For in the end, I will serve many people and I will remember yesterday as a loss of a customer but someday, they will come to me and I will be ready to serve them.

That's what Jesus does for us.  He never gives up.  He pursues us even when we don't want Him any where around and He continues because He loves us.  I can't imagine what it was like to love the Israelites, David, Solomon, Rahab, Job, Isaac, Peter, Paul, and Judas.  But in the end, God did love all of them.  He pursued them, walked with them and wanted them for eternity.  That's why He sent His only Son to bear our sins on that cross.  The love that God has for us extends farther than our imagination.  His perseverance goes farther than any athletes strength and His love reigns for thousands of years.  That's what I call amazing!  Our God, moving towards us for millions of years while we disappoint, sin and blasphemy His name.  We don't deserve one tear and yet, we get more than the eye can imagine, someday we get Him and heaven.  Wow!

So if you're feeling defeated, I know the feeling but place your eyes on the prize.  The prize isn't being the best athlete or salesperson. It doesn't revolve around being the best girlfriend, the best wife or the best mother.  It simply revolves around Jesus, stand still and see the most amazing person that ever lived!  He's pursuing you, are you ready?

Look up Scripture around perseverance today.  There are many.  If I have time over lunch I will slide one in here for you.  Be blessed!

My prayer today:

O, Lord, I know that my success in life comes from You.  You have placed me in a position that serves others and I want to continue to be a servant unto You.  You guide my every step and You reward me when You see fit.  I am Your servant, living on this earth not to fulfill my worldly desires but to fulfill Your eternal plan.  You have set in motion Your love upon my life and that love I want to spread all through the world.  The woman that come before You that ask for You to be in their lives; I pray that You would bless them and make them Yours. Trials may come and we may falter but please continue to pursue us and never give up.  For in our hearts, there is only One God, that is You.  Be with all of us today and remind us that there is something waiting far beyond today and that's You!  We are indebted to You Lord, for hanging on a cross, for carrying our burdens and for walking beside us in our humanness.  Bring us closer to You as we come before You.  We need You today.  Fortify us with Your will and give us the strength to be more than our sins.  Forgive us for our trespasses and lead us not into temptation.  We want to be one with You, pure as the driven snow.  Thank You for reminding me daily that You are the King of my life and any success that comes my way, comes from You.

Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 28, 2013

Good afternoon all-

I hope all is well in your world.  I've been working hard with little time to myself, which has been a challenge in itself.  I wonder how people do it when life is going 90 to nothing.  It just seems like we should slow down and take a breath here and there and yet, this week is proving to have little time to even do that.

Of course, there are things I'm looking forward to this week, like watching my 3 year old nephew and having time this weekend to finally relax.  I love going to games and being busy but just hanging out on the front porch sounds nice for a change.

My goal is to make more time for my husband and kids and at the same time spend more time with Jesus.  That's everyone's goal I'm sure or at least friends and family.  That doesn't always happen and so whatever time I do have needs to be with those I love and Jesus. So during my lunch hour, which I rarely take, I'm taking time to write in my blog.  My morning time has shortened now that I am a manager and need to be at work by 7:30, so I thought I would carve out time today and remind myself that the only thing that matters is Jesus.

Entrenching myself in the word and in prayer is the only way to stay on task.  Our tasks should not revolve around our fast pace lives.  We should instead be intent on spending time with Jesus no matter what the day holds.

I always do better when I spend time with Him.  I have learned that my attitude is directly related to how much time I spend with Christ.  If I'm in a bad mood, short of temper or just down, it normally can be pointed straight to how much time I took with Him.

My days are slammed and my weekends have been robust but that shouldn't matter.  My day should begin with Jesus and end with Him. If my attitude is a reflection of my relationship with Jesus then I need to be with Him.

I would never mandate an amount of time.  That's like allocating an hour to a friend in need.  I would much rather build my relationship with Jesus based upon my desire to get to know Him and of course, finding Him within me.  A relationship takes time and work but in the end we always have more robust relationships when we invest in them.  So, I guess I'm investing today in myself and you by taking the time to write this blog.

As always my heart is with you my sisters.  You are the brightness in my day and Jesus is the light that fuels our relationship.  I am grateful for the time and talent He has given me and for the friendship that He offers each one of us.  Please take time to talk to someone that may not know Him.

James 4:10 NIV:

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.

My prayer today:

Lord lift me up today and provide an avenue for the women of the world to see you.  Protect Your people and show us Your ways.  We desire to slow down, to read the word and to pray to the Father that loves us.  You are our best friend but we must want to be in Your presence, loving You and worshipping You. I know that I fail sometimes with the weight of the world pulling me from here to there but inevitably, I am reminded that my strength, my hope and my willingness to love comes through You.  Wrap Your arms around Your people and be there for us no matter how busy life gets.  We need You Lord, guide our steps and humble us before You.  May You bless us in today and provide us time to be with You.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Good morning all-

Today we celebrate Memorial Day in the US.  It is a time to remember those that sacrificed their lives for our country and also to remember those that have gone before us.  I am proud to be part of a country that has a rich heritage and that believes in honoring those that died for me.

Almost every country today has it's ban of soldiers.  They are either enlisted because they're men or they volunteer.  War is messy, expensive and innocent people lose their lives.  It's not something easy to watch or partake in I'm sure.  I work in downtown Wichita, Ks where there is a population of homeless people.  I am told many of them are old vets and it makes me very sad.  At one time, they were strapping young men, with their whole lives before them and now they are fighting mental illness far beyond my compression.

The military and what it stands for is important.  There are evil people in this world that want to destroy and build fear within the hearts of people.  The military should be there to protect you and take care of their country and for the most part, they do.  However, there are always men and women that don't care about protection, they care about power.  It's my opinion that power leads to evil.  If we feel like we are more powerful than God, what then?  Well you know what, dictators rise, mass chaos ensues and people lose their lives for someone else's need to destroy.

As it stands, millions are people are deployed all over the world.  Most countries have their own soldiers and they are the watchers of the world.  The problems still remains that men make war and as long as man exists; we will be in war.

I think about the soldiers and their families, not just in the US but all over the world.  Some men love to be soldiers.  I have a friend in Germany that has made it his career.  He has sacrificed a lot for his country.  He has lost relationships, moved all over the world and carries demons he can't even discuss.  He is my hero.  Not just because he's been my friend for over 30 years but because he continues to do what he loves and I feel protected because he's out there.  Peter wherever you are be safe!

Sacrifice, war, peace and prosperity simply go hand in hand.  Power is evil unless it is in God's hands and man has continued to be fallible in the face of challenge and war.  We are imperfect and therefore, we create our own chaos.  I guess I could be scared and often, I was.  Lately though, I look for Jesus.  He made man and He decides the hour of birth and the hour of death.  We were made for His purpose. There are no coincidences.  We live today because that's what Jesus wanted.  He knew us in the womb.  His Father made Him One with Him.  He lives in us now, all because it was ordained that way.  We have free choice so that we aren't someones robot, we are His and we can have a relationship with Him because of our ability to choose.  How great though are!

Yesterday, our pastor spoke of Malachi.  It happens to be one of my favorite chapters of the Bible because it is the last prophet to speak on the coming of Jesus.  He also talks about money and why we are not to test God in anything but our finances.  We are to trust, have faith and walk daily in knowing God.  My husband often has lots of questions, like are there angels and could there be aliens?  I really don't have the answer to aliens; I do have answers about angels.  They are spoken of in the Bible.  He questions everything but yesterday he told me that he does believe in God and he does believe in Jesus but he still isn't sure about the resurrection and if all the details are accurate.  Interesting right?  We were alone when this came up and I'm so glad to know it because now I know what to pray for my man.  He doesn't trust.  We have all been there.  I remember when I was a new Christian and I didn't believe everything in the Bible because that was then and now was now.  I'm sure you have heard teenagers say that to you too.  The problem is once again our humanness.  What was then still stands to be true.  Tell me if murdering someone doesn't hurt your soul?  Is war still happening?  Does evil exist?  And more importantly, is there any joy without Jesus?

Life for our forefathers held many different challenges. Today's challenges are really about being selfish, having too much and not loving people.  They call the US a christian nation.  If you come here, you will see it's not.  There are people here that are and that try to serve the Lord to the best of their ability but our television, our government, our radio and all media are more towards liberal thoughts than in traditional values.  I'm surprised I can even write this blog but God has protected some things, like freedom of speech because we pray for its sanctity.

There are lessons we can learn from the past.  We can hear the words of David who hid in caves praying for safety.  We can hear the cries of the Israelites that died trying to find the promise land.  We can see the disciples sitting on a shore with Jesus and we can close our eyes and watch Jesus die on a cross.  We have the past in book form waiting for someone to hear the cries and know that all our needs are contained in one book, the Bible.  If you have lots of questions, begin to read the stories of old and you will find, not only answers, but the power of Jesus.  His word is our shield.  We must sustain ourselves on it and be ready for the questions ahead.  Many are blinded by the powers on earth but there is only one power that matters and that's God's glory and honor.  Everything else is meaningless.

Be vigilant my sisters. Pray for the next generation and minister to this one.  God is calling us to be mighty and faithful servants.  If we love Him, we must honor Him.  May today bring you blessings and if you are thinking about those you have lost, go to Jesus, that's what I'm doing.  The past is only sad if love wasn't part of it.  Christ changed that when He died for you and me.  For like all things, time will pass but one thing remains the same and that's the power of the Cross!  Be well and know I love you all!

Romans 8:18 NIV:

     I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Malachi 3:1 NIV:

    "I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me.  Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, will come," says the Lord Almighty.

We are one with a God that knew exactly what He was doing.  From the beginning of time, through the desert, during the cross and now.  Yes, people have gone before us but many have made us who we are  today.  Nations have risen and fallen at the hand of man but God has seen to His glory.  The coming of Jesus was foretold and it came to pass.  His death was written in History and so not to sway the facts, He appeared to hundreds so they could write down for all mankind the splendor of His resurrection.  His return is imminent.  Don't grow cold because of the past, grow bold and know He is One with us.  Be strong my sisters and carry the cross, not because we have to but because we want too.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, My God, How mighty are You!  I hear your voice in the commands of the past.  I know that what was said thousands of years ago is true and valid.  My questions are not of why but of when.  When will you come again?  Will I be a faithful servant?  Will You find me in Your favor or will I be destined to be in shame?  I want to be Your servant and although I know I'm human; I come before you with repentance in my heart.  I know that I am not perfect and that sometimes life gets in my way but over and over, I just want to be near to You.  My desire is to hear Your voice, to be close to You and to fulfill Your purpose in my life.  I want to love like You do and I want to see what You see. I want to have a heart that spills out to the nations and carries the past toward the future.  I want women all over the world to hear my cries unto You and to know that my heart yearns for Your love.  You have made me and now, You continue to mold me like a piece of clay.  As I draw nearer to You, I do see Your heart and the love You have for Your people.  I don't have all the answers but You do.  So as I come before You today, fill my heart with what matters to You.  Minister to Your children Lord and help us carry Your cross, not just in the US but all over the world.  I yearn to know the names that matter to You and as I write I know You bring them to hear Your words.  You are my King, full of majesty, honor and glory.  Without You I am nothing, but with You, I can give of myself unto people I don't even know.  You are the image I carry in my mind.  You are every beat of my heart and You are my strength.  I pray today that the world will come to know Your name and that we will once again bow to Your authority.  Straighten our paths and give us the knowledge to sway the doubters.  Help me with those that don't know You and give me wisdom to fight for righteousness.  I am Yours and You are mine and together I will fulfill my purpose on this earth.  Take care of my sisters, Lord.  Make them strong and courageous.  We need You in order to fight against evil and to raise the next generation.  Help us be likeminded with You and not of the world.  Be by our side as we fight for souls, Your souls.  Protect soldiers all over the world and help them see You in every circumstance.  Wars will not stop but Your mighty hand on the world can bring peace.  We pray for that today and ask that You would soothe nations and bring about unity throughout the world.  We sing Your praises today and thank You for sacrificing Your life so that we can be one with You.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 24, 2013

May 23, 2013

Good morning all-

First of all, I hope you all have been well and that you're feeling blessed.  I know that I am.  The tornado that hit Oklahoma City could have crossed Wichita, Ks. They were calling for catastrophic circumstances and yet, nothing ever fell from the clouds.

During times of great distress or when I'm really scared, I find myself hunkered down somewhere praying.  I can pray standing up, in the shower, while writing or just about anywhere but when I really want to be intimate with Jesus, I seclude myself and start praying.

That's what Jesus did.  He prayed with people, He prayed with His disciples but when He wanted to be one with His Father; He prayed alone.  That's when I know that I am convening with the Holiest of Holiest because no one can hear me but Him.  It was on Sunday and Monday that I found myself doing that. By the looks of the damage, I thought hundreds would have perished in OKC.  The exact opposite happened.  That's not to say that there weren't people injured and even some deaths occurred but they should have been in the 100's.  They weren't.  I hate to think we are all on a time line and that when the day is up; it's up.  But that's the facts.  Whether it's a fetus miscarried, a young child fighting cancer or a devastating tornado, when our time has been fulfilled on earth, we get to go home.

I'm praying for the parents and loved ones that lost someone this week.  I'm praying for the people in the hospitals that will have to recover and I am praying for all the children that witnessed and lived through one of the most destructive natural events in the Midwest.  Because someday they will recant the story of what happened and I hope Jesus' name is praised around the world for His protection and mercy.

God is with us.  He is near and bad things will happen to good people.  The key is to find somewhere quiet and become one with our Lord.  He waits to see how long it will take us to find Him in every circumstance.  We are nothing without Him.  How we feel is often a reflection of how much time we have spent in His presence.  Go to Him today and be one with Him.  I am this morning and there is no greater joy than being with Him.

I love you all and will continue to pray for my sisters all over the world.  God has put you on my heart and I'm praying that He uses you to continue His mission.  Love the unloveable and make Him known!  May today bring you closer to our Lord and please pray for the victims all over the world.  They need to hear from you.

John 15:5 NIV:

     "I am the vine; you are the branches.  If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, You are a mighty fortress.  When destruction hits this earth, You are present.  When the winds  blow down solid buildings, You are near and when we pray, You listen.  I am constantly telling myself that I can't pray enough.  If my feelings fluctuate, I'm not praying enough.  If I am sad, I'm not praying enough and if I'm stressed; I forgot You were near.  Those things can't happen.  I must be seeking You first and let You direct my path and those that follow You.  We are like sheep, scattered among the fields.  Unite us Jesus and make us one with You.  You are the keeper of the flock and we must seek Your will and let it be done.  I feel so sad for the parents that lost children this week.  I feel so sad for any parent that has to bury their child.  But each child has been made by You and we must put them in Your hands.  If we are confident in You, we will do that. I must confess that is often hard for me and I don't like to think about losing anyone but we are to live for today and find You in every moment.  So today, I call out to my Maker and ask You to be our guide.  Give us wisdom and honor today.  Help our steps be light and our heart wide open for the miracle of You.  You know what it's like to be without the Father and You know what it's like to be one with Him.  Help us all to be one with You always.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013

Good morning all-

I sit and write with a heavy heart today.  Yesterday, a massive tornado wiped out a town and killed, destroyed and wiped away possessions and lives.  It's like a horror film and it reminds me of the tsunami's we have seen in the past.  Nothing left.  Cars are all over but people have disappeared and all I could think about was the coming of Jesus and the lives that would never be the same.

I live in the heartland or tornado alley as some call it.  I have never gotten used to the mighty twisters and probably never will.  The day before the massive destruction they were calling it for Wichita Ks.  Catastrophic was coming across but that storm never really touched down.  It stayed in the atmosphere and for the most part we saw large hail and damaging winds.  Yesterday, all we see is a pile of rubble.  At least in Kansas, most homes have basements but even at that the flooding killed 7 children.

Today, men and women will mourn the loss of their loved ones.  They will scream, cry and cry again but nothing will bring back those they love.  There will be others in the hospital fighting for life and there will be others homeless, lost, and bruised by mother nature.  I know two things:  Jesus is near and God will have glory through this horrible tragedy.  That's not to say that the ones that survived this devastation will not have wounds, fears and sorrow.  As we all know they will.  But in the midst, let's take it upon ourselves to pray for the victims and to love the people of Moore, Oklahoma.  And for those that survived, let's pray God's infinite mercy on them and strength for the coming days.  Possessions can be bought but souls have to be won.

If you are carrying a burden for these people, please pray.  If you have extra money, please send it to the American Red Cross and if you have time, please pray about how God would use that time.  We must ban together for the good of the people, for in the end it will be Jesus who loves, Jesus who restores and Jesus who heals the brokenhearted.  No man will be able to quiet the sorrows that yesterday brought but Jesus can.

Our Lord is with us and is using us for the good of His kingdom.  Please unite with  me today to spread the prayers of His saints upon those that lost everything yesterday.  Not one person said they couldn't rebuild but many mourned the loss of life and the loss of animals.  Houses are built with brick and lumber, they are not built with a soul that hears Jesus.

Unlike many of my other posts, I will not be placing Scripture in this today.  Please find a Scripture and pray it for those that have suffered greatly in Oklahoma.  I have picked Psalm 40 and will be praying it all day.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, our God how mighty You are!  Yesterday saw destruction beyond what the eye can comprehend.  Rescue workers were digging through rubble to find small children gone to this world.  Men and women will be picking through debris for weeks trying to find the lost.  They will be going from driveway to driveway today to find the lost.  We are not made up of our possessions; we are made to be a body of believers that take charge and that love their neighbors.  You called us to that before we were born and it's our duty to fulfill. Please put the people of Oklahoma on the hearts of nations.  Please have Your warriors praying for the mothers, daughters, husbands, and children that mourn today.  They will be undergoing many feelings but the greatest will be loss.  Fill their hearts with Your joy and help them be strong in the hour of need.  Place needs on our hearts so that we pray and give.  Help all of us to be one with those that are lost right now and if we have nothing to give but prayers, please call us to intercessory prayer.  I know that my heart aches for the people of Moore and that I will be praying.  Please keep us right with You so that our prayers are heard among the world but especially in Moore.  We love You Jesus.  Please make this work for good and not evil!  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

(I don't have time to check today so please excuse errors)

Friday, May 17, 2013

May 17,2013

Good morning faithful servants:

How are you? It's been a whirlwind week and so not a lot of writing has occurred.  I had to go to Iowa and now I'm leaving for a basketball tournament.  The joys of a mom and her career.  Sometimes I wish I didn't have a job but then what would I do with my boys leaving me soon.

Well, it has been a great and awesome week.  I have been encouraged beyond belief by our Lord and Savior.  I have been encouraged by some of you that read this blog.  It inspires me to know the words that flow through these fingers is furthering God's kingdom.  I am very blessed.  He has given me an avenue to use my talent and in return He is spreading our daily bread.

God is a vital part of my life.  He has been since I was little.  I wasn't saved until I was in my 20's but He always held my heart.  I just didn't know what it meant to be one with Him until I took the plunge and gave Him everything.  I approach life with Him right beside me.  I even pray that He will be before me, behind me and beside me.  I really did yesterday.  The president of my company and I went in for a major bid yesterday and I had no idea what the outcome would be.  I asked the Lord to guide my words and my actions and to provide my clients exactly what they needed.  We went with little to show.  I wasn't sure how that would go.  But I gave it all to Jesus and let Him do the rest.  I couldn't really think clearly so I delved into my Bible application on my phone and began to read the words of those before us.  I heard to be watchful, to believe and to have faith in our Savior.  I heard that someday He will stomp on the head of evil and that evil would be no more and then I read; I'm fearfully and wonderfully made.

I was one of those kids that was awkward.  I never had a lot of friends growing up, probably because we moved so often and girls were just mean in my book.  I stayed to my room reading books and dreaming of a different life.  You know the girl!  Well, that was me.  No one would no it now because I can talk in front of a crowd without blinking!  Crazy when I look back but that awkwardness has really never left.  I have to constantly remind myself that Jesus loves me and I was made for Him.  Strange but true.  Here I sit writing to strangers and I have to remind myself I'm His.  Well we all have our little hangups and that's mine.  Through the years, I have embraced who I am.  I have been mighty in what I believe and I have stood on the principle that I am not perfect but I am His!  Praise Jesus!!!

The glory must go to our Maker always.  Whether we are cooking dinner for our kids, playing cards with our family, walking around strangers, working or just in the world.  We must remember that every thing we see, hear, and smell belong to our Savior.  There is no victory in this life unless Jesus is attached.

I won a very big deal for my company yesterday.  My boss built it and I sold it.  It was beautiful.  The first thing I did when I heard was praise Jesus.  He is the one that orchestrated it and I know it.  He made me for this time, for this company and for this generation.  He knows exactly what He's doing.  All I have to do is entrench myself in Him by reading and writing and He will do the rest.  That doesn't mean the road will always be roses.  It hasn't been for me.  But there is always victory in Jesus.

If you were an awkward kid or maybe even an awkward adult, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Those of us that weren't beauty queens or the popular girl on the street knows what it's like to not fit in.  However, we all fit in through Jesus.  The most beautiful woman in the world is full of the same insecurities and the same needs.  Why?  Because deep down we all know that we are human.  Christ knows it to and He's standing at the door reminding us that our strength, our wisdom, our passion and our future are completely His and I am so grateful!

May today find you all well and thank you Aravthu for saying those sweet words.  I love Christ and I love you and of course, I will keep on writing for without His words I am lost too!

Psalm 139:13 NIV:

     For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, my prayer is simple today.  Cover the world with Your word.  Give us strength to move mountains and always go before us.  We need You in our lives, fighting our battles and giving us the capabilities to fight.  All Glory, Honor and Power go to You!  In the morning, I hear Your call and when I lay my head down, I feel Your Holy Spirit.  Continue to make us all the warriors You need and thank You always for being beside us.  Without You, we will be crushed but with You we have strength.  I have no idea what tomorrow will bring but I know that You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!  Be with all of us today as we come before our Maker and praise Him for all the wondrous things You have done.  Heal the nations, help the homeless and put people on our hearts.  We need You to guide us so that we can love the hopeless.  For all that You are and for all that You will be, I thank You Lord for being my savior.  Send encouragement to the nations!  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

I don't have time to check this post for errors today but I will soon

Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 11, 2013

Good morning all-

I'm getting ready to head out but wanted the chance to say Hi.  It's almost Mother's Day!  I just want to say thank you to all the mothers that sacrificed for their children and gave them the love they needed to love someone else.  It's an honor to have a great mother and to be one.  The only way we get there is through God's wisdom and love, so thank Jesus if your mother was all she could be.

I almost always dread this time of year.  Since my mom passed away the feelings are more of dread than of joy.  Only this year, I decided to change my attitude and rejoice in the loving gifts she bestowed on me.  She made a beautiful family and that is a legacy.  She nurtured my sons and because of it I owe her!  I owe her to leave the same legacy and to be the woman she carefully cultivated.

My mother and I had a hard time when I was growing up.  She was over-protective and I felt caged through the teenage years.  I think she just thought it best.  For the most part, it probably was but it caused great chaos in our house because we fought and I'm sure you know who won.  Needless to say our relationship healed the minute I found out I was pregnant with my son.  For some reason, feeling your child inside you makes you realize how much your own mother loved you.  I started saying I'm sorry a lot and tried to heal the hurt I had caused through rebellion.  I really wasn't that bad but my mom was strong and dominant, so any rebellion was too much.

Those years are imbedded into my head.  They held tears, joy and smiles.  They are the memories I cling to this Mother's Day as I remember the love she gave and the sacrifices she made for me, my brothers and my sons.  She was a great woman and I miss her greatly.  If I could only be as good a parent as she was but that's to be seen.  I have my faults, just like she did and my hope is that one day my boys will see the love and devotion I have for them.  The sacrifices have been great but they were always loved and taken care of by my mom.  She was their world and she was mine too.

If your mother is still alive, seize the day.  Show her how much she means to you by calling her, hugging her or just spending time with her.  I can't tell you how many times I kick myself for not going to dinner or a movie with her.  She was so special and any kindness I have came from her molding me and making me the woman you all know today.

Happy Mother's Day

Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

Good morning all-

Well yesterday I got the nicest post on my timeline.  Thank you to Manda for the encouragement and the words.  It's sometimes hard sitting on this end and not knowing if your words made a difference in someones life and then, I got the most beautiful note.  You made my day and encouraged me greatly.

Yesterday had all the ups and downs of most days.  I was traveling from Chicago, dealing with personnel issues and trying to catch up with old friends.  Being in the airport allows you to do some of that.  I came home to my son's wonderful girlfriend cooking and we have even named one of my ovens after her.  She likes the lower oven, so now it's hers.  I felt very blessed yesterday for many reasons but these are just a few.

While Saras was cooking for me and the family, my husband's half sister called.  She is the one that lost her mother to suicide in October.  I could tell something was wrong when I heard her voice.  I immediately started praying for her because I thought it might be from the pregnancy.  Well my fears were laid to rest when she shared with me that her 3 year old is lying and got in trouble at the babysitters.  He also has started the kicking of her stomach.  Oh, the joy of raising boys!  I know the signs well so I just listened and then, like my mother before me, I tried to comfort, give some advice and tell her what a great mom she is.  She has done a wonderful job with her son but like all humans we have a side that isn't always pretty.  I think she's worried that he will turn out bad but as we all know there are moments when we as parents must take control of our little monsters.

He really isn't being that bad.  He just needs to be reigned in and she had already set some things in motion.  I guess he watches Ninja Turtles and Batman cartoons. Those are gone and now he probably will have time outs in his room away from her if he continues to lie.  He follows her everywhere she goes so that will be a killer.

The kicking, well that's a whole other story.  I gave her advice on that too and I think that he will be straightening up very soon.  You can never allow a boy child to think he has power.  The power they feel will intensify and then you really will have a mess on your hands.  Thankfully, I had gone through it twice so my advice is solid and tried.

The word that came through loud and clear to me is encouragement.  We must encourage one another in our lives, in our walks and in Jesus.  We must stand by our sisters and help when they are broken.  We must lift them up when they are weak and we must pray when they can't.  Encouragement is part of love.  If we give people encouragement, they will feel love.  I wasn't down about writing this blog but it is hard to write every day and not hear from anyone.  So hearing from someone that I have encouraged her encourages me.

This life is hard any way you slice it.  It only takes a minute to make someone feel special.  One word can change a persons whole outlook on life.  Encouragement is what makes us all fulfill our destinies so lets encourage one another in our faith and in Jesus.  We need Him to guide us, love us and every word He spoke reminds us of His love.

May today find you well and for all of you that need encouragement, call a friend or family member.  They will lift you up and pray for you, just as I am today.  Thanks again Manda, it meant a lot!

2 Thessalonians 2:16 NIV

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope,

My prayer today:

O, Lord, guide us in our encouragement.  Help all of us be the women you need to encourage the future generations.  We lift up those serving you in various charities.  We lift up organizations that help the homeless, the hurting and the addicted.  We lift up those that are spreading Your word among the nations.   Our prayer today is that women would begin to stand with You, fighting for our future generations.  We are individuals with the need to be loved, one way we can feel love is to spread Yours among the nations.  I stand before You today Lord asking You to continue to guide us to You.  Help us to honor and cherish Your words and give us faith that moves mountains.  We are weak but You are strong, hear our cry, O, Lord and grant us the ability to encourage the lost.  We need You in our lives and we are so grateful for the people You have placed in our lives.  Continue to grow us in You and Your word and help us be the soldiers You need to fulfill the promises You made.  We thank You for granting us with Your presence and for hearing Your voice.  We love You Lord!  Be with us today as we make hard decisions.  Your help is always welcome.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

(I don't have time to re-read this today so sorry for any errors.  I love you all!  Be blessed)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 7, 2013

Good morning all-

Well I landed safely in Chicago, drove in rush hour traffic for an hour and finally got to Indiana.  It makes me appreciate the short drive to work every day.  I have been all over the US and it's always amazing to me that we can post a 55 mile/hr speed sign and go 75.  I felt like I was on a race track and I was the one that was going to cause the crash, so I sped up and got here about 30 minutes earlier than I was supposed too.

It got me thinking how crazy life is.  One minute you're a teenager hating the world and the next you could be half of the populations mother.  It is hard enough just to realize that with each breath, life has changed and it will continue to change.  I love being on the roller coaster, however, there is a time to go 70 and there's a time to go 55.  Today is the day I choose to go slow and enjoy every bit of life.

Soon I will be off to a meeting.  I love being back with the people I worked so hard with.  They are like old friends and catching up has been wonderful.  I am still learning and trying to figure out which step I must take to be God's woman but at least I'm back, writing, praying and seeing old friends.  What a blessing God has bestowed on my life.

On top of all that we are approaching Mother's Day.  We take one day a year to honor a lifetime of committment, sacrifice, and love.  We go 90 to nothing and then we slow down for one day and say thank you to the woman who watched over us.  Crazy!  But then that's life and we must move with the tides.  My only bit of advice for you is if your mother is alive, tell her you love her.  Spend quality time with her if you can and honor her with your affection and love.  She deserves it.  It's part of the commandments but it's so much more.  I didn't get the honor of watching my mom finish her 60's but the time I had with her was so very precious.  My sons are who they are because of her and every day I see them becoming everything I hoped they be; I whisper thank you God and thank you mom for loving them.

No matter where you live or what you're doing you can honor someone this weekend.  It doesn't have to be your mom.  It could be a lady in your church, a widow or a stranger but take the time to honor someone because we can never love enough.

Take care my sisters and know I'm praying for all of you. Please pray for me too.  This last year has had challenges far beyond what I can say on a blog.  I continue to hold onto Jesus and I hope that by doing so, He will minister to my heart.  I have many flaws and one is that I don't spend enough time looking at the beauty before me.  Hopefully, today will remind me to do so.

(no time to correct mistakes but will be back tonight, sorry for the grammatical or spelling errors)

1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV:

     Therefore encourage one anotehr and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, I come before You this morning and thank You for the wonder that You are.  I would be nothing without You.  As I look at the sky, the trees and the people, help me to see You in every living creature and as we approach Mother's Day, remind all of us that love heals all wounds.  I'm just a lowly servant, hoping for the Lord of life to come into my soul and make me His woman.  I continue to falter but I know You are near.  Grow us up to be mighty warriors that speak and honor You.  We are a restless generation, with lots of evil pulling at us.  Hold our eyes to You and to the promises You have made in Scripture.  Help us to look upon the Word for wisdom that has spanned the test of time.  Lead us by still waters and fill our hearts with Your love.  Walk with us as we fall and give us strength when we are weak.  We need You Lord and today we bow our heads and say,"You Lord are our light, our salvation and our peace.  Come into us in a mighty way!" In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 4, 2013

Good morning all-

Have you ever made a promise?  I bet you have.  I've made a few significant ones in my life.  For example, I promised to love and cherish my husband till death due us part.  I promised the day I conceived that I would love and raise my children to be good men.  Most importantly, I promised Jesus that although I was a sinner, I would be with Him forever.

These are very significant promises.  None of them can be taken lightly and oh yes, I promised my mom I would take care of the family she took such good care of.  Guess what, that promise is yet to be fulfilled, like so many of my promises.  A promise is a step by step, day by day fulfillment.  A promise kept is a work earned.  Right?  Think about it this way, if you make a promise shouldn't you fulfill it?  Of course you should but that's not always as easy as it sounds.

During practice Friday night, I was talking to a few of the parents that take their kids 45 minutes away for an hour and a half practice.  It's my time with  my teenager and to top it off, I get to talk to some pretty amazing adults.  We were all talking when Dale confesses he was going to put his mom in a nursing home.  It's not one of the low end, not very nice ones.  It sounds really nice and the word expensive came up multiple times. He was struggling because he made a promise to his dad to take care of his mom.  She has had four strokes and Dale's wife has had to be nurse to her for the last 3 years.  The burden has been great but that's not really it, they would have continued but she needs more care than his wife can give.  So, he felt like he had let down his dad and mom.

I think the conversation was difficult but mom's know when sons are struggling.  So like a parent, she said she understood.  This facility will have only 20 people in it.  It's definitely on the high end of care facilities and I think she probably will meet people and have fun.  He, on the other hand, almost broke down in tears.  He kept saying, "I made a promise."  As I was sitting there, I could really relate.  When my dad got really sick and I didn't know if he would need to live with me, thoughts of fulfilling my promise came to mind too.  I was turning over every option and the one option I chose, my dad refused.  He would not come live with me.  Great!  Now, how was I going to fulfill my promise?

I didn't have to after all, Christ called him home and he was exactly where he wanted to be.  My promise was to care for him and I did until he died.  I spoke some of these same words to Dale, hoping that he would realize that Christ would help him through this.  Christ opened that door to the care facility.  She was on a waiting list and then they opened a new facility.  That's not luck, that's Christ!
I found Scripture to comfort him and steered him toward looking for God in this situation.  As long as he goes and sees his mom, he will be fulfilling his promise.  We must always concentrate on the relationship.  As long as we do that, all things will work for good.  No one wants to see an older person suffer or be put in an institution but sometimes the care they need is too great for one family member.

After I left that night and even into yesterday, I kept thinking about God's promises to us.  He promises never to leave us or forsake us and even gave us a rainbow as his word that he would never again flood the earth.  I love rainbows and every time I see one, I'm encouraged.  The different colors and the endless stripes always remind me of how much Christ loved us.   And of course, there is the cross.  One innocent man's blood which promised to save many.  Now if that's not a picture of a promise fulfilled, I really don't know what is.

If you haven't thought about the promises you've made, you might want to write them down.  Especially, if you're feeling like you've let someone down.  Maybe your perception of the situation isn't exactly true.  We must always remember that every promise needs Christ.  We can do nothing in our own strength but everything in His.  I'm no prophet but when you look at Scripture every wise word, every great deed, every letter and every sacrifice came from God.   I think it's time we relinquish our control and give it to our Master.  He holds all the keys anyway and after all, none of us can make a rainbow.

Take care my sisters and know I love you.  I may not know your name but I feel you every time I'm at this keyboard.  You live in different places and you speak different  languages but through the Holy Spirit we are one.  May God bless you and keep you all your days.  Pray for one another and pray for the countries that are in turmoil.  We are one voice before the Lord, let it be loud, true and full of glory for Jesus Christ.

Luke 1:45 NIV:

     Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!"

Joshua 21:45 NIV:

     Not one of all the Lord's good promises to Israel failed, every one was fulfilled.

2 Corinthians 1:20 NIV:

     For no matter how many promises God has made, they are "Yes" in Christ.  And so thorough him the "Amen" is spoken by us to the glory of God.

Genesis 9:13 NIV:

     I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, how great You are.  Those are the words on my tongue this morning.  Without you, I'm dead but with You, I'm alive.  Thank You for bringing me into conversations where people need to hear about You.  Thank You for allowing me the privilege to pray for the lost, the lonely and the hurting.  Thank You for giving me the words to encourage someone and to bring them back to You.  Thank You for Scripture because it's the sword that we need to slay our dragons.  Thank You for reminding all of us that You made promises and many have been fulfilled and one day, You will return and take us from this earth.  Thank You for the cross and for the Holy Spirit that was released upon Your death and thank You for the spectacular array of light from the rainbow that reminds us all that this earth will never flood again.  You are mighty in Power and Majesty and with every step I pray I honor You.  Women all over the world are making promises, not to men but to You.  I pray that You will give them the strength and perseverance to fulfill their promise.  That in their actions, they will bow only to You and know You are near.  Our lives hold many challenges and one of them is to be entrenched in You.  Often the world takes us away, we say we don't have enough time, but we must make time because right here right now is where the rubber meets the road.  Our course has been set and the only one that can get us through our obstacles is You.  We rely on Your faithfulness to get us through today and by confession we honor You.  Our days are numbered but Yours are many.  Help us fulfill the promise we made to You; to love, to honor and to obey one God, one Voice, on Savior.  We bow down to You and praise Your name among all things here on earth and in heaven.  May Your majesty be seen among the nations and may You hear Your women crying with one voice, "HOLY, HOLY IS THE LAMB!" Thank You Lord for giving me life and purpose and for helping me to fulfill my promises.  In Jesus name, AMEN.

Can anyone say AMEN???????

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013

Good morning all-

Well the bacon is on, the rolls are in the oven and I'm dressed for work.  Wow!  I even have my hair done, make-up on and water started for tea.  I thought I would try that this morning.  Anyway, my mind is on love today.  What is love?  Why must we love?  More importantly, Why are we loved?

What is love?  Love is exactly how God mapped it out to be.  It's not a feeling; it's an action.  Love is patient, Love is kind.  Remember those words.  It's hard to love when our feelings are in the way, right?  We want someone to show us love, be there for us and it's so easy to run away and say, "I don't love you anymore because you don't love me."  I get it.  I've been there before and I guarantee a million others have been too.  The problem is that when we say that and feel that, we aren't loving anyone, especially ourselves.

Why must we love?  God calls us to  love our neighbors.  This essential piece of the human spirit is what keeps everyone going.  You know it's true.  When people show love, hurt is gone, war is over and a spiritual healing begins.  It's all part of His plan for us.  We were never meant to be alone and we were never meant to do anything but love.  Unfortunately, ourselves, sin and evil creep in.  Darn that humanness.

Why are we loved?  I really can't answer this one because from all my experiences, we shouldn't be.  God should have walked away from this race, demolished it and created all new.  Instead He has stood by from the beginning of time, loving us anyway.  Really?  How many of us do that to people that hurt us?  Let's see, not MANY!  You know I'm right.  So, then, if God knows we are such scattered people, why does He continue to love us anyway?  That will be my very first question to Him when I'm before Him.  It boggles my mind to think that God has loved me through all my garbage.

The fact of the matter is that we are loved and by His love we are healed.  His wounds were for every ounce of love He had for us.  For every drop of blood that was bled on Calgary, His love is represented. He was a King, our Savior and He died on a cross, not because He felt like it because I can assure you, He did not.  He died for us because His love was greater for His people than Himself.  Take some time to think about that.

Well, it's off to work I go.  I hope someone shows you love today.  I already captured Christ's love today.

1Corinthians13: 4-5 NIV:

Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Pray for someone that needs love today and then pass it on.......

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013

Good morning all-

Can you hear the crickets?  Weird question I know but I was thinking about how crickets stay silent when a lot of noise is all around them.  The minute the noise goes away a beautiful orchestra of chirping begins and the song penetrates every crevice of their habitat.  I'm sure you've experienced the sound as most of us have.  It got me to thinking. I was able to call an old client yesterday and we picked up right where we left off.  She is a Christian and so am I.  During one of my visits, she shared with me her passion for Christ.  We talked and talked.  It was so great!  I actually got goose bumps as we spoke.

I confessed that I started this blog and she confessed that God had prompted her to send her writings to a publisher.  And the publisher actually wanted to produce it.  The only problem, she works full time and her son was facing his senior year in high school.  She decided to put it off for a year.  Believe me, I will be encouraging her to pick it back up.

During our conversation, she shared with me the story and I shared with her how I started writing after my mom died.  This is a way I commune with God and the words that are written are about Him, for Him, and eventually for me and you.  This is where my soul meets Jesus and I guess for her writing does exactly the same thing.

My point in this is that Christians weren't sharing there faith.  Not the kind of faith that makes you look good in church or around others but real true faith.  The kind that shares you are a sinner, no one is perfect, we are flawed and we need a Savior.  That faith!  It's hard to see that because somewhere down the road we all start keeping secrets behind closed doors and forget to share how Jesus met us at the door saying, "I have taken your sins and made you white as snow." Do you remember when you first felt Jesus?  I bet it was during a great time of struggle.  If you were saved young, probably not, but eventually you walked away for a period and found Him again, when your will was broken and His became your sanctuary.

We can't be crickets.  We can't wait until it's all quiet, one on one, and share with each other the greatness of our God.  We must be bold, step out on faith and walk the line by shouting, "We are sinners and Jesus saved us!"  The only perfect human being was Jesus.  There is no one else.  Through our strife and our sin we find our God and that's what people must hear in order to see Him clearly.
Crickets hide behind tires, under fireplaces, along the shadows.  Do we want to be crickets?  I know I don't.  I want to be like the eagle, soaring and speaking of God's greatness.  If I have learned anything in this journey, it's that through my awkwardness, Jesus stands beside me.  When I believe I'm powerful, He will let me sink until I recognize who He is.  I would rather walk in humbleness, confessing my flaws and giving Him the glory than sit in a pile of senseless sand.

The challenge for all of us is to be bold.  To cry out to Jesus and ask Him to lead us to Him and to others that need to hear His voice.  Crickets hide, warriors defeat!  We are in an hour that defines the next generation, let's be bold and bright for Jesus.  Don't be afraid to express your flaws, that' how Jesus found you, cleansed you and made you who you are today.  We all need to remember that pride will make us fall but humbleness will save nations.

Be well my sisters and remember, crickets are silent right before we squash them.  Don't be silent, give Jesus your life and take the call.  Risk it, I did and so did my friend and every morning I sit at this computer; I'm reminded of His greatness!

Acts 8:25 NIV

     After they had further proclaimed the word of the Lord and testified about Jesus, Peter and John returned to Jerusalem, preaching the gospel in many Samaritan villages.

1 John 1:3 NIV

     We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us.  And our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, make us mighty warriors of You.  Give us the strength and the boldness we need to proclaim Your name to every nation.  Watch over us and make our voices sing that we are sinners and that You met us on the road of destruction.  I want women everywhere to know the power of the cross.  I want us to be bold and bright for You.  I want us to die to our sins, our pride and ourselves and become women that walked in Your Holy Name.  We need You Jesus.  Help us to throw off the cloaks of deception and to be bold in our lives as You were in Yours.  Give us strength to conquer or minds and the images of the world and to live like we are dying.  May Your kingdom come dear Jesus and may we be faithful to the call!  I'm praying for nations; I'm praying for women!  Help us to be one in You, not just today but everyday.  In Jesus Name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May1, 2013

Good morning all-

I have no excuses for not writing except my new job has required a little more from me than I thought.  So, once again I'm sorry that you haven't heard from me for almost a week.  I'm working on trying to find time to write during lunch, hopefully, God will help me with that.

The subject of today's blog is really trust and sin.  Someday, maybe not right now, but one day you will find yourself on your knees asking for Jesus to help you.  It could be about your marriage, your kids or your health but you will definitely find yourself there.  Then what?  Well, that's what I've been asking myself for the last week.  Then what Lord?  I'm here wondering what miracle or sign you can give me that everything will be alright when I know everything is falling apart.

These are the words that have been going over and over in my head.  I've had moments like this before.  I've wondered how I would raise my boys without my mom.  I've thought I couldn't get through a day if my dad passed away.  I even thought there was no way I could be alone but I did it and then Christ came to me and set my path.  Each event strengthened me, it never destroyed me.  I have learned mighty lessons in those moments.  Lessons I am still carrying and will continue to carry.  I have prayed many nights for answers and although I haven't received one for every question, I know Jesus has given me the strength to persevere.

Like the mighty wind of Kansas goes my heart these days.  It wavers so hard that I often feel like I'm a river birch swaying down and up with mighty force.  Of course, I know I'm not a river birch but I'm definitely in the middle of a monstrous tornado and wondering when my feet will hit the ground.  That's not good because if my heart is wavering so is my mind.  And unfortunately, that's where satan can meet us.  Why?  Because the flesh has control and the mind thinks it knows whats best.  But I've been down that path of leading myself and as long as my flesh is sinful, I can't trust my course.

For today, I am in mighty prayer.  Women all over the world are struggling with the sins of their husbands and the sins that they create themselves.  Marriages are suffering because satan wants the family to break apart.  Men have forgotten how to treat a woman and women have started to think they don't need men.  It's a crazy maize of whose right and none of it makes sense.

The only thing I truly get right now is that Jesus can and is in control of my life.  I may be a bundle of flesh but He is my Savior.  I can count on Him in the dark and He will provide light.  I don't know what the answer is to all this but I know that when I see Him; He will reveal it to me and I will know.

I'm counting on my mighty Savior today to bend and break men and women all over the world.  I'm counting on Him to continue to break my flesh and make me whole.  I'm counting on Him to love me through this journey and to show me my sins so that I can repent.  I am far from perfect but then again, who is.  Jesus is!  So I stand on my rock of salvation and let Him soothe my soul.  I pay attention to Scripture and I die to myself.  At the end, I hope that my faith gets me through and that Jesus wins!

Don't let your heart take over with anger, resentment and hurt.  Give it to Jesus and let Him take care of the rest.  I'm just one woman but I know there are others struggling with their hearts.  Give your heart to Jesus and your course will be set.  May God bless and keep you today.

Ephesians 4:26 NIV:

     "In your anger do not sin." Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, do not let my anger get in the way of seeing You!  I trust in You to soothe my soul and to right my path.  I give you my worries, fears and anxieties and in You I am whole.  Be with me today as I pray for Your people and help me to see You more than I see my heart.  Let me die to myself and be renewed in Your arms.  Take from me this burden and hold me close as I come before You.  I pray that You will forgive my sins and that You will fortify my body.  I need You Lord and so do the ladies that read this blog.  Be with us today as we fight the good fight.  Keep us whole and protect us from the hand of evil.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...