Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

It's a new day and change is coming!  The season is changing and with it comes a new day.  As I was walking with my husband last night, I happened to look up and notice the moon.  It looked so far away but within the next couple of weeks it will be closer and we will see it shine.  The stars weren't out yet but those are going to become more vivid and hopefully, we will spend more time outside looking at them.

What must it be like to sail into those stars, to be one with the universe?  Only a few know.  Neil Armstrong knew and now he's gone.  We just landed on mars and the rover is taking pictures, so far no life forms but it is wonderful to look at God's creation.  The planets, the moon, the stars and the sun were all made, not by the big bang theory but by our creator.  Every star was aligned, every season created, every tree, every animal and yes, us, were created not by a cosmic collaboration but by a Father who knew what He was creating.

So when I look at all that is around me and I think, who  made all this?  I am confident that it's God.  I know that all the beauty around me has never been created again and that it must come from God.  I can only imagine what heaven looks like.  Do you know that people that don't know God aren't sure about a heaven?  They don't believe there is anything after this life.  Can you imagine facing death and not knowing where you're going or who will greet you?  That's what each person faces that doesn't know Him.  It was strange to talk to my sister-in-law and have her tell me that she would like to think there was a heaven.  I know that during my numerous talks with  my dad, he wanted to believe my mother and brother were in heaven.  Doesn't that make you sad?  Of course, there is a heaven and Christ has prepared a table for us.  Those of us that know Him will see Him again and in a place more beautiful than here.  If you know someone that isn't saved, ask them where they think they'll go when they die and prepare to tell them of the table Jesus has set for them.  Explain the beauty and the streets of gold.  They need to know and the only way they get to sit at that table is to know Jesus!

I remember thinking as I shared with my dad how sad it was that he wasn't sure but before he died; I told him to call out to Jesus so that he could sit at that table.  I told him that if he wanted to see my mom and brother again he must believe that Jesus was the way.  That was at 8pm in the evening and he slowly began to slip away.  He was lifeless but he heard me.  God is great and His creation is greater.  Ask someone where they think they'll go when they die?  If we're lucky, we'll be here 80 years, that really isn't very long when you think about.  Once you hit 30, the years seem to pass by like a hurricane.  The love of Christ resides in the truth that heaven exists and we will see Jesus again.  Hold onto that and share it with someone else today.

Matthew 10:7 NKJV:

     And as you go, preach saying, 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.'

Psalm 115:15 NKJV:

     May you be blessed by the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, I come before You, thanking You for Your creation.  Every morning I wake to a beautiful sun and every evening, I see the moon.  Sometimes when I look closely, I can even see the craters on the moon, it's tremendously beautiful.  I love to look in the trees and see the birds singing and playing.  I love to watch the rabbits come out of their holes and scamper across the yard.   I love to see Your creatures enjoying the rain and rejoicing as much as we are.  I love to sit on my porch and contemplate heaven.  Whenever I think of You, I think about heaven.  What are You doing?  Where are You sitting?  Who is worshipping You and where do the children go?  So many vivid pictures come into my mind of a place that is peaceful and full of joy.  A place where pain can not come too.  I've never been there but someday I will reside on the streets of gold and then this life will have meant something because I will have sought my maker and will be rewarded by His presence.  I pray for all of the people in the world that don't think about heaven and that don't understand what it takes to get there.  I pray that You will enlighten them and bring them to You.  I pray that we will speak of  a place of wonder where the angels sing, "HOLY, HOLY IS THE LAMB!"  But mostly, I desire for people to understand that the world they live in was perfectly designed by God.   There are no circumstances in this life, everything fits like a perfect tapestry and someday we will all see the creator.  Bring forth Your people and help us to be bold in our faith.  Give us a vision of You and of the world beyond this one.  Help us speak of Your mighty hand and make us followers of You all our days.  For this is a race we all want to finish and You are at the finish line. Thank You for being there, waiting on us and loving us!  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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