Sunday, November 19, 2017

Life isn't fair...

Good morning my warrior sisters-

How often in our lifetime do we utter these words? "Life isn't fair." I've caught myself saying them over the years. They truly are a waste of time.  Jesus spoke about hardship. If you've lived to 18 you've already been battered and broken; your parents split up, one of them lost a job, money was tight or you lost someone you love. These are events that happen every day.  If you live in the Middle East, you've probably experienced war, brutality, rape and more.

We live in chaotic times and life may not be fair. We were born in this time. Just like those that have gone before us, we face hardship, some more than others, nevertheless, no one escapes it. I often wonder how people face the things in life that are hard without Jesus, don't you?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  I get news from CNN, Fox and others so I can monitor the world. I've known for awhile that keeping up with the world news is important. You can't stick your head in the sand. What's happening around us is an opportunity to pray, and pray I do. And every day there is hardship. It's illustrated in harassment charges, war, unrest, hatred, guns, death and natural disasters. People all over the world and in the US are facing truly difficult times.

I've lived through hardship, I've lost loved ones, I've even lost a job I loved. I've experienced sorrow and I've know the pit of despair. I've walked into situations I wasn't prepared for only to find out the I was lied to and I've experienced something else, a peace that can't be explained. Did I like going through hard times? NO. You won't either. And when you hear songs that say you'll get stronger through them, the message rarely resonates in the moment. That's like saying to a kid, you'll be glad I was so strict.  Good luck!

What I can tell you is pursuing Jesus in these moments is very important. Reading your Bible and entrenching yourself in His word and wisdom will transform your mind and take you from a victim to a warrior.  How do I know? Well, I've lived it. If you can walk daily with Him, surround yourself with people that will pray for you, you will find day by day things get a little brighter and step by step God leads you by still waters. People have good intentions, they want to say the right thing. I do at least. Unfortunately, we don't really know what you're feeling or how to help.  Jesus does, He sees deep inside your heart and knows every thought and need before you speak it. He will heal your heart and your mind so that tomorrow you can spread the love he has to others.

If you're saying life isn't fair, you're right. If you live in that statement, then you're very wrong. God is your Father, He loves you and if we believe He knows what's best for us, He will help us get through our difficult time. We all have them. Right now as I write this, I'm dealing with issues and wondering how this happened. Believe me, it does no good. I must stand on the principles I know. Go to Jesus, pray for the circumstances, hope and hope some more. I will use my shield day by day and watch as the power of Jesus takes the wheel.

There is no control in life. The  minute you think you have it, you will lose it. Evil reigns here on earth, that's why soldiers are coming home and committing suicide, that's why teenagers are dying from overdoses, that's why young men that should be making an impact are hiding in basements all across America. And that's why we can't say, life isn't fair. We must fight with the power of the Holy Spirit.

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. I know that Jesus will come. I don't know if that will be tonight, tomorrow or years from now. I know he set the stars and they are brilliant, vibrant and a testimony to the power of our God and that our failure to recognize that power is our downfall.

If you're in this place right now, pray that God our Father would show you a rainbow.  My sign normally is in a red tail hawk. I see them whenever I'm in despair and they remind me how much God loves me. Find Jesus and little by little you will begin to realize your purpose. As you find your purpose your hardships in life will be an opportunity to grow, painful yes, but worth it in the long run. Remember, Jesus has the nail marks to prove how much He loves you.

Psalm 3:3 NIV
But you, Lord, are a shield to me;
my glory, the One that lifts my head high
In Jesus Name, AMEN

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