Friday, November 10, 2017

What's in the number 7?

Good morning my sister warriors-

I hope this day finds you well and if this is your first time on my blog, I hope you know you reached it because Jesus wants you to know, He loves you and that love is true and very worth you committing your life to Him.

That brings me to a number that is referenced over and over in the Bible.  It's the number 7.  Here's just a few stats.

  • God created the world in 7 days
  • 7 churches
  • 7 seals
  • 7 angels
  • 7 vials
  • 777 in Revelation
According to my research 7 is depicted 735 times. Wow. So why is this significant in my life? I had a pronounced burden placed on my heart and I believe it was to pray for President Trump on the 7th of every month.  Anne Graham Lotz did a 777 call to prayer and it reached thousands of people. I'm not sure where this is going, however, I believe it's what God is calling me to do.  Whether you like President Trump or not really doesn't matter. I think that's what's wrong with our nation and world. Hate seems to be more prominent then love. According to the Bible we are to be under authority to our leaders.  What does that mean?  If you look at Jesus it means serving, praying and loving.

So this week, I'm starting to pray for what God laid on my heart. I'm not bragging here, I'm calling.  The number 7 came to me at the same time I felt this burden.  We must pray for our churches, our children, ourselves and yes, our leaders. Whether you live in the US or not, just look around. Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, do I need to go on?  The leaders of the world are making decisions that impact us.  That being said, if you join me on the 7th and I hope you do, don't leave the world leaders out of your prayer.

As I watch President Trump try to navigate the shark waters of politics with his rough edges and ego, I see a man that wanted to do something but is finding that being President is very difficult. Being a leader, whether in business, in state or for a nation is a tough job. Why do you think our forefathers put in checks and balances. They had been under royal rule and didn't like the dictator mentality.  They wanted something where no man was 100% fully in control.

Today, we criticize everything from shoes, to hair.  We don't let up as a society.  I really think we love chaos. We talk of love but I don't see much. We talk of rights and equality but I don't see any of us really trying that hard. We talk of evil but we rarely talk about Jesus and in it all, I see that we become more "I" focused and less humanity focused. 

Leaders say things they shouldn't. Leaders make decisions we may not agree with. Leaders are scorned by the masses. Jesus was a servant leader. His goal was to spread grace, mercy, joy, and love.  What did we do?  We put Him on a cross. Sometimes that's where I feel we are now. Society would rather mock and be disrespectful instead of finding solutions. I even saw a comment that people need to quit praying and think.  Well, how in the world are we going to think if we aren't getting wisdom from above?  That's half our problem, no one even believes in God anymore. 

I have prayed for every President since 1984.  My first election was exciting and full of anticipation and hope for our country. Today, no one wants to vote. They don't like the candidates.  I would bet a great percentage of adults and young teens didn't even go to the polls.  Just from my household alone, 2 went, 2 didn't. It hurts my heart to think that our forefathers risked their lives for our freedom and we don't even vote.

I'm tired of hearing all the things he's not doing.  We have thousands of people not doing the right thing.  You know how we are going to change it. We are going to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We are going to stand in the gap for our leaders and instead of saying scathing, worthless words, we are going to pray.  We are going to lift up our leaders and pray for future leaders and we will do that on the 7th of every month.

Donald Trump is a man.  Realize that. He is human. What are humans?  We are flawed, imperfect and sinful. We don't always do the right thing and especially if we aren't being guided by the Holy Spirit.  Every President from the beginning was a man.  Every one of them has had moments of great weakness. We can continue to criticize or we can get on our knees and ask God to lead this nation. We can ask Him to provide wisdom to our leadership. We can ask Him to guide us.  The Israelites wanted a King so God gave them Saul.  What do we want?  I know what I want. I want to be part of something more important than me. I want to be part of a movement where Jesus is the reason. I want men all over the world to find Jesus and to be given mighty wisdom. I want women to love one another, to pray for their men, children, friends and people they don't know. I want us to stand up and believe that the miracle that was given to Mary is for the world and it came through a woman. 

Women have power they don't even realize. Everyone wants power, you have it!  It's in the form of prayer.  You're not weak, you're strong. The power of prayer is like a sword. It makes us soldiers, it gives us strength. Deborah led an army in the Old Testament.  The King would not go without her. Do you get that? 

Here's my challenge, put the 7th in your calendar for a year.  And on the 7th of every month, pray for President Trump, his wife and his children. Pray for the leaders in every nation and pray that God will not turn from His people. I will be praying and if I'm the only one then so be it. If you want change, then join me in prayer. Ask your friends to pray.  Call on your sisters in church to pray. Let's start a movement of prayer. The number 7 is significant. Change happens on 7.  Let's be obedient and spread the love of Christ throughout the land, while praying for those in authority.

Be well my warriors. If you're not sure what to pray, here's an example.

Oh, Lord in Heaven, we need you.  We are calling on you to help us in our hour of need. The world is full of chaos, hate, brutality and sorrow.  We are asking our Almighty God to bring strength and wisdom to President Trump and all the leaders in the world. Trump needs you to surround him with good men and women that can provide wisdom and a heart open to hear it. Please bring him by still waters and guide him as he leads this nation forward. One man can't do much unless they are led by a mighty God. I'm praying that men and women all over the world will lift up President Trump and his entire family. He needs you Lord, his cabinet needs you Lord. The House and the Senate need you Lord. Our world needs You Lord. Please don't turn from our leaders, our countries or our families. Lead us and bless the US along with every nation under God. In Jesus name we pray, AMEN.

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