Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012

Who do you put your trust in?  I ask this question because it is so easy for all of us to put our trust in circumstances and not in God.  If you're single, do you really believe God will provide your mate?  Or if you currently have a serious medical condition no one can diagnose, where is your trust?  There are millions of other questions I could ask but the biggest one is, do you trust in Jesus?

Recently, my son was going through a major test.  He likes to rely on himself.  Wonder where he gets that from?  Anyway, learning from experience, I knew that God was putting him through a test.  Jesus never wants us to rely on ourselves.  We are always to rely on Him.  But like everything in this world, we believe that if we seek long enough and try hard enough, we can solve our problems.  Wrong!

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I also believe our Father wants us to grow up and to depend upon Him.  This is a contradiction to what the world wants you to believe.  Being self sufficient is the worlds motto but it's not Christ's.  And if you are thinking life isn't fair, well then you are so right.  We are not here so that life can treat us fairly.  We are here to be molded and used for Christ's purpose, not ours.  If you are going through a tough test right now, realize it's not a punishment, He is perfecting your soul.

No parent let's their child go down the road astray, if they can help them.  Our Father is no different.  He wants to be right there with us.  That's why we  have the Holy Spirit.  We may not be able to touch Christ but we can be guided by Him.  Praise the Lord for that!

Proverbs 3: 5-6 NIV:

     Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him.  And He will make your paths straight.

Can you see anything in this proverb that says, do it your way?  We aren't all knowing and many times we won't understand God's ways but when we acknowledge Him, our paths become straight.  I have experienced this lesson first hand.  By the way, it wasn't easy and it won't be easy for you either but it's the truth.  Live it, breathe it and believe it!  Scripture isn't there to be pretty; it's there to help us and to mold us.  Take time daily to really meditate on a passage; it may just be your lifeline.

My prayer today:

Oh LORD, help us to trust in you with all our heart.  We don't want to lean on ourselves but we want to lean on You.  We want to walk away from the worldly ways and be made straight, by You.  There is nothing on earth more precious to us than You.  Solomon knew that to really trust You; He had to surrender.  We surrender our hearts and minds to You today, so that when we are tested, You will be there to pick us up.  Lord, we pray for those that have lost heart and are possibly grieving today.  We don't always understand why things happen but we can count on You to help us through them.  Give us today our daily bread and forgive us for not trusting You in all things.  Mold us and make us Yours as we walk on our path today!  GLORY, GLORY IS THE LORD ON HIGH, WHO WAS AND IS TO COME!  AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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