Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 24, 2012

Good morning all-

I took my nephew to the airport this morning with sadness in my heart.  I can remember the first time I held him as a baby or the time I caught him throwing pizza into a fan, now it's funny but it wasn't then. I can remember his face as he saw his grandparents and how he loved to be with his dad.  I have lots of memories but I think my fondest will be this Thanksgiving as I watched a little boy be a man.

My mom was right when she said we have our children for such a short time.  It's amazing how much damage we can cause in so few years.  My nephew has gone through a lot.  Both his parents were too young to have him and their choices have left him seeking in all things worldly.  He doesn't let that stop him though, he will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years and I hope they both know that it will take a lot for him to forgive.  My prayer is that he will forgive and that someday his parents will cherish their boy, now grown into a man.

My brother nor his mother are saved.  They don't know the comfort or peace Jesus can provide.  Their eyes are blinded by their own needs, wants and desires.  That doesn't make them bad people it just makes them selfish.  We have all lived in that place, probably in our twenties when we wanted what we want. As you grow up and start raising a family those blinders are taken off and you begin to grow up and put others before yourself.  Especially, if you have come to know Jesus.

During this week, my oldest son stayed faithful to what he believes.  He read his Bible right in front of his cousin and never backed down on what he believed in.  They discussed personal and deep beliefs and it's my belief that God has begun the work I have so desperately prayed for.  My goal is that everyone in my family would choose to believe.  I have no idea if that will happen but it's my hope.  I try to live my life by faith and I hope that people witness that in me.  I'm not perfect but then, just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you will be perfect.  So although my nephew is unsure, he will remember the generosity of his family.  He will be reminded of laying in my bed with his cousins all around and us laughing about stupid stuff.  He will remember our dinner where we gave thanks to the Lord and thanked Him for providing the money so he could be here.  He will remember the love and devotion his aunt feels for him and he will always know how much he is loved.  Time ticks on but love lasts forever.  I'm in hope that the Lord I love will send men to him that will minister to him.  I'm in prayer that he will know Christ the way I do and that he will not wander this earth alone.  I'm in faith that the Lord of light will someday impact his life and he will call him Savior.

These are not random hopes and dreams, they are my reality.  When I say that I believe that God can do all things, I mean it.  I may worry and fear, which I repent of often, but eventually I come back to the only thing that matters to me and that is the love of Christ.  He is merciful and just.  He holds hope, faith, peace and love in His hands and when we seek Him we find Him.

So, as I watched him head into the airport I prayed that God would show him his way.  I'm praying for his parents to find Christ and to come before their son, new and holy.  I'm waiting for the day when he can look at both of them and say I love you and I forgive you.  No one is to fault here but selfishness.  Hopefully, we all take a good long look at our hearts and repent.  We don't owe our children worldly goods, but we do owe them our faithfulness and our love.  I hope I demonstrated that to my kids and to my nephew this week.  They are a blessing to my life and I wouldn't change it for the world.

As I promised the next weeks would be filled with Scripture that represented hope and faith.  They are the two key elements to walking with our Lord.  If we hope only in ourselves, we are surely lost.  So, let's hope in the only thing that counts, JESUS CHRIST!  May this day find you well and may you be blessed by the Scripture.  Remember, we are not here to serve our own purpose, we are here to serve His!

Hebrews 11:30 NKJV:

     By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days.

Luke 7:50 NKJV:

    Then He said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you.  Go in peace."

Mark 11: 22 NKJV:

     So Jesus answered and said to them, "Have faith in God."

My prayer today:

O, Lord, I come before You and petition for the lost.  I ask that You would write on people's hearts to pray for those that don't know You.  If we love You, we must be bold and answer Your call.  You have called us to love the lost and we should do so.  I have many people in my family unsaved.  My prayer today is that You will use memories and others to come into their lives.  I pray that the blinders that are now on, will be off and that You will be seen.  There are nations of people in need of knowing You, especially in the US.  We have become a selfish people and we need to all repent before You and ask You to restore this nation.  You reign and as we seek You, we find You.  I am only one Lord but as You write people on my heart I pray.  I pray for everyone that is now on the Internet.  I pray that they would find a blog or a book that would help them understand You.  Faith is what is given and so is life.  I know now that my life belongs to You.  Please help those that are lost to see You in everything that they do.  Give them the power to break away from sin and light their way.  I am pleading and petitioning for the lost because once I was lost and thank You for finding me.  I cherish You Lord and I want everyone to know how much You mean to the world.  May Your kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Please forgive us for our sins and forgive others.  We need You Lord, light our way!  In Jesus name, AMEN..

Until tomorrow...

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