Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012 (2nd post)

Good morning all-

As I was preparing my home for Christmas, enjoying my day off and waiting for my surprise gift from my husband, I heard that 26 children were killed and 8 adults.  The young man who terrorized a school killed himself after this horrific act.  So, I'm sure you all have been thinking some of the same things that I have.  I hate what the parents are going through.  I hate that sons and daughters, husbands and wives will find out that their loved ones were taken without a single thought to life.  I hate that evil lurks in this world and that senseless crimes happen every day.  But I mostly hate that their are young people walking around carrying such hurt, hate and anger that they take their lives and those of the innocent.

We can bash the young man that did this but instead we need to be in prayer.  Our thoughts must be on God at this time of great suffering and loss.  We are surrounded by evil, our war is spiritual and its against the prince of darkness.  Take hold of your faith ladies, ban together and pray that the God of light will come to this earth and heal all nations.  We need to be praying for the innocent, the lonely, the hurting and the troubled.  Our time is now.  When schools are being bombed all around the world and now this, what's next?  Why must we attack the innocent to make our point.  Since I have no authority or power, I'm giving it to Christ.  I'm praying that the families that have lost their loved ones will be comforted by people who believe in a Savior.  They might not want to hear about Him now but they will one day and for those that are believers; I pray that their faith will stay in tact as they question the "Why's" of this tragedy.

This is a time to be rejoicing that our King was born to save nations.  But like all things of this world, there is evil, there is loss and there is suffering.  None of us will be free of these things but we all have a Savior to go too.  This loss will be felt among the nations but more importantly, it will be felt by families as they bury their children before Christmas.  My prayer will be that God Almighty will comfort them in their time of loss and that we will all remember that children are simply ours for the moment, they belong to God and no matter how hard we want to hold onto them, they are His.  May those that lost their lives today and even for the shooter, my prayer is that they are on the streets of gold, where there is no pain or suffering.

Please pray for all countries, for all young men and women and for the souls of many.  Ban together with me and praise the Lord.  Find it in your heart to love one another and if you take away one thing from today, hug your loved ones; it might be the last day you see them.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, my morning started with praising You for coming to earth.  As the day progressed, tragedy struck the US, where children and adults were struck down.  I am coming to You as Your servant.  I'm praying that women will ban together all over the nations and pray for people.  There are so many that are killing for no reason and then killing themselves.  It's time we asked the Lord of light to rain down on the masses, bring Your people to their knees and ask that the Holy Spirit will fill our nations, our leaders and our people.  Women are coming together today to say, "HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD."  I have always known that we are dealing with forces that none of us understand and that the world is getting more and more evil.  Light our paths in the darkness, give us hearts for the lost and help us to continue our mission to speak of You wherever we can.  You are the key to healing and only love from the Holy Spirit can heal this nation and the many that are losing lives all over the world.  Killing is senseless and shooting innocents is horrible but I'm asking that You quiet the hurting and bring forth people that will stand by these families sides.  Let us not forget so quickly what this day has brought and may we remember that You came because evil is here on earth.  We just want to send our prayers up to You for all the families tonight.  This evening and the days to come will be full of heartfelt grief for people we don't even know.  Send Your Holy Spirit to the needy and remind all of us that love can heal nations!  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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