Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 4, 2013

Good morning all-

Well today is a very special ladies birthday.  I have watched her grow over the last couple of years and she means the world to me.  She happens to mean the world to my son too so it's even more special.  Once upon a time, I met a girl and for some reason God fastened her to my heart.  She befriended an awkward boy who didn't really fit in anywhere but who had a heart of gold.  Today, she holds that heart and it has been my pleasure to watch her grow, not only in her faith, but in him.  I don't know what the future holds but I do know that for the time they have been together, she has been a blessing to my family and my son.  She actually saved me in more ways than she knows.

Isn't funny how God brings someone into your life and you think, "I'm here to help."  And then the next minute, you find yourself being helped by that person.  Life has no coincidences.  I truly believe that and I have found myself praying for strangers or asking someone if I can pray with them and they don't even know me.  I love Christ and through my love, my spirit shines through.  However, I always love to watch what Christ will do.  One minute I think I'm in a place for a reason and then He shows me it was for entirely different reason.  I continue to watch over my pride because I never want to be a Pharisee; I just want to follow Christ.

I'm sure you have all experienced situations like this and continue to look for avenues to help people.  Like you, I have responsibilities, people who need me and a husband that isn't all about me saving the world, not that I try too, but still.  He likes me at home and by his side, so volunteering a ton, having lots of outside activities beyond work and him are not part of the deal.  That's why when God gave me the idea to write the blog I knew it was Him.  I can sit home and write about Him every day, time allowing.  I can spread His word with the stroke of my keyboard and I can pray over the readers and it's content.  I can listen for His spirit and I can watch for Him right here at home.  I may never get to fulfill my dream of speaking to thousands of woman, but here at home I am anyway.

God uses us right where we are.  He helps us get out of ourselves and into others lives by following Him.  If you say your a Christian then at some point in your walk, you will begin to feel the need to minister and love others, it's all part of the plan.  I might have thought that Saras was brought into my life just to mentor her.  That wasn't completely true.  She was brought into my life to fill a part of me that was empty after my mom died.  God did that for me.  Instead of talking every morning at 6 am, I got to schedule breakfast on Saturday and love someone else.  It filled a part of me that I thought would be lost forever.  That's what Christ does.  When you least expect it, God fills you by putting you in circumstances where love never fails.  My mom used to say, "I love you more."  It got to be quite the saying around here but when she died it had more meaning than I can say.  That love, the love of one woman spans into the children she left behind.  Her grandchildren now hold the same key and it's my belief that they will spread it on.  One woman with a goal to love.  Don't get me wrong she wanted to be loved more than anyone I know but she was able to give love with nothing in return, now that's true love.

Christ is like that too.  We get mad at Him.  We cry toward Him.   We insinuate that He doesn't care, that life is unfair.  He listens, He waits and then He heals.  It's just a matter of time.  He knows us and does not hold us to our sins, He carries them.  My rock is Jesus.  He will always be the true symbol of love as long as I'm on this earth.  It's what I preach and believe me, I have bad days just like everyone else.  I have thrown tantrums, wondered why, questioned if he loved me and wondered how much longer I would have to sustain the roller coaster of life.  But at the end of me, He always shines through.  His gift to me was the precious girl I just wrote about.  See as you get older, your sons grow up and they start needing you in a different way and then your best friend meets Jesus in Heaven and you wonder how you will get through another day.  So you pray and you ask God to give you someone to care for and He does.  And at that moment, you realize this life is not about you but it's about Him.  I am most appreciative for that.

May God bless you and keep you my sisters.  And for the angel that is Saras, Happy Birthday.  You have been a light in my darkness and I pray this year God blesses you in a whole new way.

1 John 4:10 NIV

     This is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, thank You for loving us more.  Thank You for filling the darkness with Your light.  Thank You for the sun, the moon, and the stars.  Thank You for showing us that love is not about us, it's about You.  My prayer today is that You will use me and my words to spread the Gospel.  That with each stroke I will tell the story that is You.  I pray that I will not misrepresent You or the work that You are needing us to do.  I want to show Your light to the world by being real, honest and true.  Although I have my faults, which You know well, You have continued to grow me and mold me.  Make the daughters that hold You dear, Your might warriors.  Give us a spirit to spread the word and to become mighty women of You.  Hold onto those women that are suffering and bring them light just as You have done for me so many times.  At the end of my life all I wish to say is, "I LOVE YOU MORE." May You bless and keep us today and in every event show us how to serve You better.  I love You Lord and so do the ladies that read this blog.  Please give them the keys to the kingdom and spread joy throughout the world.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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