Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is Risen!

Good morning my sisters-

Today, I leave you with my prayer for the Nations.  It's because we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus that I feel it necessary to pray to our Father for the lost, lonely and hurting.  There are still people groups that don't have access to Bibles and as we all know that won't stop Jesus!  With that, I wish you all an amazing Easter.

My prayer to the Nations:

O, Lord as I have sought you over the last weeks, You have brought me to Your words.  Not just anyones words but Yours.  You continue to remind me why You came and for whom and as I have read I know You are near. All over the world people are needing a Savior.   There are places where Bibles can not be bought.  There are languages Your words have not been translated in but at the end of the day, You alone can do miracles.  I know that they still exist today!  So on the anniversary of Your resurrection, thousands of years later, I pray for the wicked, the lost, the hurting and the insane.  I pray that You would come to them through man, by dreams or with Your words.  I pray that many of us would be faithful and call out Your name today asking for others to know the peace of Jesus.  You took our sins so that we could have eternal life, bring Your people forth in every nation and teach them to follow You all their days.  Bring hope to a fallen world and when You're ready bring Your kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.  We need You, not just today.  We are soles wandering and only though and by Your words will our paths become straight and our purpose clear.  Help me to be a woman that prays for Your people and who loves You more! I pray this prayer in Jesus name.  AMEN

Happy Easter may the light of the world be with You always.

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