Saturday, January 24, 2015

What's in a verse?

Good morning all-

Well I finally memorized my first verse and I have to say the last two lines really stumped me but with some Holy Spirit help and looking at it for a few days; I did it!  I am so grateful to God for helping me achieve one of my hearts desires.  I always said I didn't have time but with one son getting married and the other taking care of himself; I have plenty of time to memorize scripture, read my Bible and write my blog.

This is a huge accomplishment in my Christian walk.  I have the ability to find Scripture and to know exactly where I want to go but to memorize the word of God, that's been elusive.  I remembered back in the days when I had to write five papers in a week and if I wrote my bibliography notes on an index card, I could find it easier then looking for it on my computer.  I memorize things much better when I write them down and when you are writing a twenty page paper, it's best to know where your information is.  So that's what I did with this verse.  I wrote it and then every day I sat down with my Bible application and looked at that Scripture until I knew it and today was the day.  Just as I was going to get my iPad to read some verses, I remembered not half of it but all of it.  I'm praising God right now!

It's important that we try to memorize Scripture.  There may be a day that we won't have access to a Bible or an electronic app.  Christians are not really standing up for the right to read their Bibles or speak the word in public.  Every other group is but not us.  We would rather closet ourselves with our Christian friends than participate in a march on Washington for religious freedoms.  Maybe that's because we believe we have them.  But do we?  The ten commandments have been taken out of courthouses, a coach is fired for giving a Bible to a child and we wonder why our world has gone crazy.  Religious freedom is what this country was founded on but if we took, "God We Trust," off of our money, I'm not sure anyone would even care.  It is no coincidence that the US is hurting right now.  We have given away our rights to express our views.  Every other religion has more power than us right now and I want to be prepared for the time that we are so apathetic that no one speaks the name of Jesus in public. 

Now you could say, "This will never happen."  I'm sure not one Jew ever believed they would be hurt, tortured and killed.  I'm sure you may even think that the day of hanging someone on a stake or stoning would never hit history again and yet, women and men have been treated this way in foreign countries.  And what about be-headings?  I believe several men just lost their lives to ISIS that way, right?  And finally, what about Christian women going to school being kidnapped and subjected to say no to Jesus and yes to Mohammad?  If we believe this can't happen then we really need to study the Bible.  The world can do anything against Christ so I stand in the gap praying for us to come to Christ with our whole hearts.  I am reading my Bible, taking notes and memorizing Scripture for such a time when I will need His word in my heart.  I hope that time never comes but what about the next generations, how will they sustain without us teaching and preaching the word of God?  They won't unless we unite today for one common goal.  We must be prayer warriors and have a strong belief that the words of the Bible will be fulfilled.  We must be strong enough to pray for the events that are taking place, stand in the gap and do what we can to make this world a place where the love of Jesus spreads like a wild fire! So for me, I am going to continue praying, read and memorize and if you are too inundated with life or children or whatever, know I am praying for you too.  And if you just have a few moments, come to this blog and sit at the feet of Jesus.  He knows where your heart is and He will sustain you in whatever part of life you are in.

May God bless you and keep you today as you pursue Him.  Praise God for the right to praise Him and to be free enough to love Him openly!

Please take a moment to read about Joseph who was captured, imprisoned and then became the caretaker of all Egypt's possessions.  Because he was able to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh, he became an entrusted servant all for God.

Read Genesis 41 and experience the wonder of God.

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