Monday, March 30, 2015

News Flash...Jesus is coming to Jerusalem

Good morning all-

I hope you are like me and thinking of Jesus today.  Always during the week of Easter, Jesus is forefront on my mind.  I'm in church and He is there.  I'm driving and He is with me and when I lay my head down, I'm thinking about Him.  This week reminds me why I am a Christian and that the road is not full of flowers and treasures.

The reason I decided to make this a News Flash is to remind all of us what it was like for the people of Jesus' day.  They loved Him, followed Him and wanted to see and hear everything He was doing.  He had stayed out of Jerusalem for some time, so word spread far and wide that He was coming.  His day was near but no one realized it but Him.  So as He got on the donkey and the crowds were shouting for Him, Jesus knew His time was near.

The people were so excited and so ready to hear from this wonderful man but the days events would change and instead of blessing and glorifying Him, people would turn against Him, they would run from Him and the truth of the gospel and they would choose to slay an innocent man.  The news would be very different at that point because Jesus would become a heretic.

I know that many of us,that love the Lord, wish we could have been there with Him.  At least I do.  I would have loved to sit by Him and hear the words that are now written.  As we all know, some things would have been forgotten, little details I would treasure.  But the word is true, so therefore, we must stand on what we have.  The desire of my heart to be with Him during that time is true and yet, would I have been Peter, betraying the one man I loved.

We think that if we follow Jesus we are righteous and often just.  Are we really?  Where is our compassion, our need to feed the hungry, our heart to set the captive free?  I often wonder if I even measure up enough to sit at the foot of the cross.  And of course, I don't.  But that's why Jesus came and took that fateful journey to Jerusalem.  He knew that His hour had come and yet, He rode on that donkey in front of a crowd of people.  That same crowd that adored Him would turn on Him and crucify Him.  Where were the faithful?  I ask that to myself every day.  Where am I on the faith scale?  Would I be able to say I follow Jesus in the face of the enemy or would I hide and run like the disciples did? The only ones that were faithful through every aspect of that journey were His mother and Mary Magdelene. That's it, two women, abiding in Him.

The disciples would learn from that day and the days to come.  They would prepare themselves for the same hour Jesus faced.  They would spread the word up to the day they died and they would be remembered for it.  The same goes for the men that ISIS chose to behead.  I will never forget that news flash because I know that Jesus was with them and even in that Jesus will be glorified.

Easter isn't about eggs, colors or pretty dresses; it's about a God that kept a covenant with His people.  A teacher, brought from Heaven, to help us in our day to day lives and to give us eternal life.  We are not just dust.  We are His children who were lucky enough to have a Savior.  If you don't know Jesus and you want to, now is the time.  You didn't find this blog out of coincidence.  You found it because you have been chosen into the most disfunctional family of all time.  We are murderers, prostitutes, liers, adulterers.  We are sinners that needed a Savior.  There is no sin greater, they are all the same.  So hear the call, come forth and give your life for a Savior that never leaves His sheep.  The Pharisees tried to kill the disciples and Jesus to save the Jewish religion, even though Jesus came for them.  Let's spread the word, the word where this God is real, present and faithful.  He is not an idol or a fanatic.  He is the Son of God, who came to this earth to give His life for us.  AMEN

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