Sunday, May 10, 2015

To Mother's around the world....

Good morning all-

I'll keep this message brief today.  I just wanted to depart something my mother said over and over that has been continued on even so many years after her death.  She always left with, "I love you more!"  Not everyone in this world gets to hear those words, which really is a shame.  There are mothers that aren't great, they love themselves more than the children they created and even some to death.  Today is not a day to judge but a day to encourage you to reach out to the motherless.  There are children all over the world that need to know they are loved.  A hug, a gift, a smile can mean so much to someone that doesn't have a mother or does, but they weren't very good.

Today, we celebrate Mother's Day and with that we must thank God for every good mother on this earth.  You know the one.  The woman that would throw her baby in a trash can trying to save them, or maybe lay on them during a tornado.  It's the woman that would give her own life for her child.  And then, there's the woman that teaches her children to love the Lord our God with all their hearts.  These are the women we celebrate and that we pray for daily.  We pray that women would be encouraged to be the mother God intended.  He left us with Mary who loved unto death and showed how love could fill all voids.

Around the world, children are dying, women are hurting and love is lost through war, poverty and nature.  We must stand together on Mother's Day and ask our Lord to heal the hurt and honor those that are honoring Him.  May we find favor in our Savior's arms.  I love you ladies and my prayer today is that God will help us build an army that loves the generations so that we leave a legacy of love.  Happy Mother's Day!

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