Wednesday, December 23, 2015

When did God get so big?

Good morning my sisters-

Christmas is almost here and the world is in utter turmoil but there is hope.  Where you  might ask?  It's in the laugh of a little child, in the smile of someone who just turned 80 or in your teenager as they think they have pulled one over on you.  Life has hope everywhere.  It's in the moon rising in the sky as the sun has set or when you see two jets close to one another.  Maybe it's when a nurse says there right here  for you

or a doctor gives you a ray of hope.  It's in the wind as it whips through the wheat and it's in a dog's tongue as it licks you and tells you life is good.  Everywhere there are signs of hope and yet this season can make you feel as if there's no hope.  I'm going to argue with you on that.  Jesus brought hope to Israel, He brought hope to the gentile and He brought hope to the world.

Our brothers and sisters are being persecuted in other lands and it's time for us to pray.  The miracle of Christmas is not in the presents and the beautiful tree, it's in the prayers of the righteous. Please take a moment this Christmas and pray for those that are standing up for Christ.  He is the reason for the season!

Have a beautiful day.

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