Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 5, 2012

When we first confess that Jesus is Lord, there is an overwhelming sense of jubilation followed by relief.  At least that's how it was for me and many I have talked too.  The joy comes from being renewed in the Spirit and the relief is from finding out you don't have to be alone.  Looking  back, I used to describe to my mom that I felt like I had an empty space in my heart.  That was before I found Jesus.  That little part of me that was left all for Him, to be filled by Him and when I accepted Him, He filled me.  I'm His.

Being His doesn't mean I'm perfect.  Far from it, I am so sinful at times it ticks me off.  Often, I find my mouth needs to be washed out and if pushed beyond control, I become medusa.  I'm not proud that I cuss or that every once in awhile I get super angry.  I have things to work on like everyone else.  Luckily for me, I have never met a perfect Christian or perfect person.  That's because Jesus is perfect.  He knows us, our faults and our strengths.  He will continue to stretch us, even if we feel stretched.

In the last year, I have some friends that have gone through rough times.  I understand what it's like to walk in the desert for a season, it can steal you of your faith, your joy and your hope.  Just like the Israelites, we know God loves us when He fixes something.  We can't think like that.  We have to renew our minds to ensure that our faith and hope aren't stolen right from under us.  The trials of life are going to be challenging but it's how we respond to them that will ensure victory, not just for us but for Christ.

In Africa and around the world, there are people going hungry and dying.  There are more homeless in the US than ever before.  Our economies all over the world are crashing and if you love money, probably about now you're panicking.  Yes, if you look at the world and all its many different facets, you could lose hope but I choose to look at my Savior instead.  It's not always easy but whenever that profound fear creeps in, I ask the Lord to take it.  He is our provider.  Just look around at all the random acts of kindness you see.  There are still people in this world that look around and meet others needs.  They are guided by our God to be ministers, evangalists, and teachers.

We need to remember what it was like when we were saved from ourselves.  When Christ filled that place in our heart that was meant for HIm and Him alone.  We need to pray that our faith would not waiver and that our hope and joy would be protected.  We need to openly remember all the times Christ chose to save us and be glad.  Hold onto those times, put on the full armor of God and confess your sins, so that in times of battle, you're ready.

I hope today sees you all well and that this blog continues to minister to you the way it does to me.  Our Lord is worthy, it's time we all stood up and said, "Jesus You are my king."  Thanks for reading and if you feel led, sign up,  write me a message, or pray that God would protect and keep me so I can continue to do His work.

Hebrews 10:23 NKJV:

     Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, make us a faithful generation.  Fill our hearts and make us whole in You.  Help us to never forget the promises You made from generation to generation.  Give us the ability to see in the dark, to stay still and not waiver.  Give us Your mighty joy and peace as we continue to work to be Your women.  We need You, more now than ever.  Give us spiritual eyes so that we can love those You bring near to us.  We desire to be women of faith who believe that the promises You made will be fulfilled.  We live in a broken world, where life just isn't fair and if we are truthful, the only constant thing is You.  Thank You for being our Savior and for loving us.  Protect us and keep us all our days, we need You!  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow.

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