Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Good morning all-

Well I woke up to birds singing, a beautiful clear sky and the sense that Spring will soon be here.  I hope it brings rain because without it the plains will not be pleasant this season.  Have you ever noticed how Spring gives you a renewed energy?  Even the birds and animals feel it?  They begin to migrate back to where they came from and the mating season begins.  It's like every year we get a rejuvenation and it's the Lord telling us good things are upon us.  With Spring also comes some of the most majestic scenes, like beautiful flowers, great sunsets, and life scurrying all around us.  It really is one of my favorite seasons.

Like all things, seasons come and go.  One comes on in a vengeance and another is soon to follow.  With Spring also comes tornados, which to this day still scare me.  I'm really a New Yorker at heart.  I grew up where snow covered the earth, lakes were huge and the only worry was could the snow plow get through.  Then my dad moved us here and I have to run to the basement every time I here severe weather.  It won't last long and at least my family will get a good laugh.

I've also noticed that time has a way of showing up and leaving.  One minute it's dark in the morning and night and the next, you are waking up to beautiful sunshine and the days are longer.  I love longer days.  They take the darkness away and you once again see people peaking out of their homes.  It's so much fun to see the neighbors that you haven't seen in three months.

And like every season, you try to find ways to bring passion into the call.  I promised myself I would try to do a mini Bible study on Sunday.  I started with a Scripture and last night was to be Hunter's first crack.  Well it wasn't a great success because my husband started talking about ancient aliens and the whole thing fell apart.  I learned that we might have to tweak my little idea but it brings newness to a meal and to my heart.  I'm trying to rekindle the passion I have for the Lord in my children.  Hopefully, next week will go smoother.  Hunter did pick a Scripture, he chose John 3:16 so we read it and then the chaos began.  My son's girlfriend helped out by saying if there were aliens wouldn't God still be sovereign and of course the answer is yes.  People may distract us but at the end of the day we are to hold onto the truth.  God is who He says He is, yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He came to save us from ourselves and if we teach the future generations anything it should be that.  Our iniquities were given and taken on that cross.  An innocent man died so that we could have eternal life.  If anything should renew our passion that should.

I leave you with one thought today.  What are you doing to renew your passion?  When you think about the fact that God so loved the world he begot His only son, does that matter?  I think it's definitely something we should cherish.

John 3:16 NKJV:

     For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believe in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Until tomorrow...

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