Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

Good morning all-

Yesterday, I went to church and once again heard about Hosea.  Isn't it interesting to hear about the prophets, the men of God that walked the earth.  They were chosen to bring good will toward men, hard messages of destruction and suffering and to trust that God would deliver.  They were just like us but they were chosen to lead nations, conquer enemies and have faith that God would come through.

As I listened, I thought about the hardship Hosea had with his wife.  A man that loves a woman can not and will not let her be adulterous and yet, Hosea knew that she would be and took her for his wife anyway.  And when she got caught into prostitution, he paid for her and told her that she was his. A courageous story of one man believing and trusting in God in the worst circumstances.  It got me thinking about God's grace and how many times I fail Him and He comes to me saying, "You're mine."  I definitely don't deserve Him but I'm so glad He is near.

After a wonderful sermon, my family watched the Bible show on the History channel.  Although you could tell that some embellishment was happening, for the most part it was exactly like the story.  As I watched Abraham come to life with all the human emotions of man, it took me a little bit by surprise.  When you read his story all you see is blind faith but when put to pictures you see a man pining for a son.  You see him saying trust in the Lord no matter what and you see his own nephew walk away from him.  How was he to be the father of all nations?  He asks the question and because we know the end, we don't question it.  But seeing the man for who he was, you begin to get a true picture of the turmoil raging inside of him.  He was just a man and yet through his faithfulness, God rewarded him by being the father of all of us.

During the story of Abraham, you also saw the angels of God fighting in Gomorrah.  It gets you thinking about angels walking among us.  When was the last time a stranger asked you for a hand?  Were you willing to give help, provide money or just listen?  I had to think about it myself because the truth is that God's angels are full of power and they were there to destroy what was sinful.  And still God had mercy on Abraham's family and brought them out.

Being obedient to God, having faith that He will do great things is hard when our sinful nature takes over.  I struggle with it myself.  I want peace and when peace is not there I want to run.  God calls me to stay, so I must with a great heart attitude.  Whether we look at Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah or Abraham, it really doesn't matter for they were all men sent to earth for God's purpose.  They would suffer, find themselves challenged and eventually do great things through God.  I hate to think what our lives would have been like if they didn't.

I would encourage you to watch the show.  They go through the Bible quickly but I think it gives a powerful testimony to the God we serve.  My prayer is that many will watch and think about how God loves His people.  Please pray that the unsaved would come to the History channel and watch as the living word is revealed.

As for all of us, I think we need to continue to dedicate ourselves to the call and to facing our giants as they come.  Every biblical figure faced many mountains, swam many seas, all to come to the foot of the cross.  We must be willing to do the same.

Hosea 6:3 NKJV:

     Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of the Lord.  His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain to the earth.

My prayer today:

O, Lord, I come before You a woman that seeks her Maker.  You are a mighty leader, powerful and merciful.  You bring Your flock to the cross and there You heal, provide grace, and restore for eternity. You revive us with Your Spirit and give us life beyond the one we have on earth.  You seek us and when we accept, You take our hands and walk with us through the challenges we face.  We can look upon You as our forefathers did before us because we know that You are trustworthy.  We have fickle hearts Lord, so I come before You and ask that You would provide our daily bread.  And as You do, we would trust in You as Abraham did.  He was just a man and yet, he believed in a God that was mighty and powerful.  Thank You for bringing the Bible to life with all the human emotions we face.  It gives us a new perspective on Your people and the generations that went before us.  Please bring You people to a place where they trust in You and give us the courage to stay the course.  We need You Lord every day to keep us on the right path.  Forgive us our sins and help us be the women You want us to be.  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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