Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 23,2013

Good morning all-

This week has been so busy that I haven't had much time to write but I've had a ton on my mind.  I woke up this morning with one thought, "Defeat is not an option.!"  This statement should be our motto.  If we are going to head into battle then we need to at least prepare our minds and have an end goal.  My end goal it to continue fighting and not let defeat be my escape route.

We have the ability to be defeated.  We have the spirit to let go.  We have choice.  What are you going to choose?  It's easier to be defeated than to fight the war.  Just look at society today.  We are letting misconceptions, lies and selfishness overtake what used to be about unity, kindness and perseverance.  We would rather start a war over money and power then take care of our own.  It's really sad.  I know that I can't win every battle being waged today.  I just don't have the power. However, I can do what I've been asked by my king and pray for the women all over the world.  I can light a fire under us to do  more than be apathetic and to stand up for what we know is true.  I can infuse Scripture into our daily lives and offer up prayers for those that can't pray.  Just like you, I can get down.  I'm not some mighty warrior that never sees a tear.  As a matter of fact, up until a few years ago, I couldn't even cry.  I held all my emotions in believing that my strength came from me alone.  Foolish, I know, but nevertheless that's how I lived my life.

Today, I know I can't do it alone.  My faith has grown through many battles and when I get the thought in my head it's time to retreat, I have to go to Jesus.  For Him, defeat was not an option.  As a man, He chose us over His own life.  I would imagine that wasn't an easy decision.  But in the end, He was nailed to a cross for us!  I am humbled by that in so many ways I can't even tell you but I also know that I am human and sometimes when life gets tough I want to retreat.

I'm not sure why I feel so strongly about this today.  Maybe it's because I know that to stay in the fight is worth more than my own life.  To live for Jesus is worth it and that even though I will face many trials and many more battles trusting in Him is where I need to stand.  Now, I won't be able to do this if I stand by my feelings.  I will only be able to stay the course if I am likeminded with Him, following and seeking His will, His wisdom and His hand.  Warriors need tools and my tools come from Him.  Prayer is the most powerful tool we have along with Scripture.  Jesus prayed and taught prayer to the disciples.  Obviously, it worked for them.  Millions were saved and the church still stands after thousands of years of persecution.  We might not be dying in the US because of our faith but look at the news, there are people in Syria and Egypt that are.  We can't close our eyes, tuck our tails and run for the hills.  We must stand on sacred ground and put Jesus at the helm.  I have read of great generals and men that saved their troops, made wise decisions and won wars.  Do you really think they did it alone?  No.  Men and women were praying, they were seeking and in battle they found the one true God.  There's only one way to win any battle and that's through the power of the cross.

If you find yourself struggling with what matters and believing you should retreat, stand your ground.  Always seek Jesus and remember that trusting in Him is the only way to win the war.  We are His women laying the foundation of faith for the next generation.  If we don't believe in Him, who will.  Our fight has been going on since the day of Eve and it will continue until Jesus comes back to take His bride.  In the meantime, we must unite, take up the cross and pray from the US all over the world.  Each voice is heard and together our voices become one.  Be strong my sisters and take up the cross because defeat is not an option!

I pray that you are getting stronger, wiser and more encouraged.  I pray that God has His hand on you today and that you are seeking Him with your entire being.  He is near, we just need to make the call! Be well and as always you have a friend in me.

Joshua 14:11 NIV

     I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I'm just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then.

2 Chronicles 13:12 NIV

     God is with us; he is our leader.  His priests with their trumpets will sound the battle cry against you.  People of Israel, do not fight against the Lord, the God of your ancestors, for you will not succeed.

My prayer today:

O, Lord come upon your might warriors and send a message of encouragement and hope.  Help those that are weak be strong in You.  Bring about a revival to every woman, in every nation.  Give us time to be with You and to encourage others to put their trust in the only living God.  Nations may crumble and people may die but You will always stand.  Defeat was not an option for You.  Please give us the courage to stand up and speak Your mighty name.  Let us be bold in our thoughts and in our actions and although we are not here to save your chosen, we are here to spread Your word.  I rely on You to lead me through the good times and the bad times.  I have learned most through hardship and found You in the middle.  The battle is greater than one woman so I'm calling upon You to raise up mighty warriors that will spread the news and that will learn to trust in You no matter the circumstances.  Be with us today as we carry the cross the masses.  Almighty God You are our portion, speak to us and give us encouragement to continue down the path that leads to You!  In Jesus name, AMEN

Until tomorrow...

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