Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A world without Christ...

Good morning all-

I woke up thinking this morning,  what would the world look like without Christ?  So many people are talking about all the things that are happening.  We have wars, natural disasters and plagues. People are killing innocents and laughing.  Governments are trying to keep the peace only to cause more war and Israel is in battle daily.  This is the news we wake up to every day, which got me to thinking about Christ.

What if we woke up to this chaos and had no hope, no future and nothing to believe in?  That's a world I don't want to live in, do you?  A world that persecutes you for saying, "God Bless You" with no one to fight for what is right.  Or worse, a world filled of lawlessness.  I see it coming but I definitely hope I'm gone before then.  People can choose to believe they are right about anything.  We once thought the world was flat until we found out it was round.  We once believed there were no more places to explore and we found America and we once believed that no one could save us from ourselves except gods, idols and man and then God sent Jesus and we found Him.

I hope I never see a time when the world is so full of hate, anger and evil that there is no hope.  My hope is in Jesus and His coming, whenever that might be.  I actually rejoice when I hear someone has passed on because it means peace, love and no pain.  It's time for us to get back to the Bible and quit making excuses that, "that was then and this is now."  What was then, truly is happening today.  They suffered from war, poverty, lack of food, and disease.  They suffered from immorality, perversion and all the things we suffer from today.  Tell me where are the differences?  We may have technology but even that has ruled peoples lives, keeps them addicted to being connected.   Just this morning, I looked at my email before I got out of bed, really?  Now that's stupid and I know it but I did it anyway.  So without standing on my box, let's just get back to prayer where we can field lawlessness, hunger, war and disease.  Prayer is power.

Be well today and talk to Jesus!

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