Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

The Lord has risen!  That sums up what we believe.  We believe that He sits at the right hand of His Father and there is One God!  May the Lord reveal to the world His power.  As He was asked by the Pharisees if He was King, His kingdom was not of this earth.  We know that because the disciples died for Him.  They watched this incredible event, spoke with Him and went on to proclaim His existence and the truth.  Don't be persuaded to think anything less.  He is our God, we were made for this time and He will use each one of us to spread the word.  No one will ever be able to wipe out the name of Jesus Christ.  He was real.  He was not a prophet with magic at His finger tips.  He was our God in man form, come to earth to save His people and in the end, every knee will bow.  Please take every moment to proclaim His existence in love.

Be strong in what you believe and know that without a doubt, He is Lord!  May the God of hearts open eyes today as we sit in churches all over the world proclaiming, He is Lord of all!  Pray for our brothers and sisters in other countries that have to hide to love Him.  Pray for the men that are trying to destroy a faith they know nothing about.  Pray for our enemies that are no different than Paul.  Pray that they will see the hand of our God.  I pray this in Jesus name.  Let's never forget what the disciples knew about Jesus.  He was our Savior!  Glory be to God in the highest, who was and is and is to come!  Bring forth the Holy Spirit and proclaim that Jesus has risen.  In Jesus name, I pray this with all my heart.  AMEN

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